February 12, 2016

Want to Make Your Copy POP?

Give Your Readers Thriller Copy!

What would Michael Jackson do?

It’s after midnight… You’re staring at the blank page on your screen… Your deadline knock-knock! knocking at your door.   What do these words mean?  You’ve read them more than once (or twice) before.  No, it’s not your imagination.  Every tone-deaf sales page sings about the “passion”, “commitment”, and “dedication to passionate commitment” that motivates its bloggers, business owners, or the suits at Acme, Inc.

No wonder some freelancers are at a loss for words.  You’re paralyzed! …And, if you’ve lost interest, just imagine how your target audience must feel.  You might as well have said, “Beat it!”  They’ve clicked your competitor’s link changing the station in search of something with a beat. Why can’t you find it?  Tell yourself it’s human nature.  Or, just take a long, hard look at the man in the mirror and ask yourself:  What would Michael Jackson do?  After all, he is the King of Pop.

What’s Bad? 

You want to know what’s bad? Brace yourself. The word ‘passionate’ reeks of badness – and not in that fly kinda way. Save the passion for your significant other, your children, your puppy, shoe shopping – anything else, but as a description of your writing, someone else’s writing, or your business start-up –  that’s bad.

‘Committed’? Even worse. Looking for a commitment? Walk down the aisle, or simply, sign up for cell service with Verizon.  Wait! Save yourself—that’s a lifer!  Get a pet.  Go completely bananas and adopt a monkey named Bubbles…commitment is just around the corner.

And, if ‘dedication’ is your bag, simply call your local DJ and send out a request dedicated to your Pretty Young Thing.

As far as your sales copy goes, your target audience represents the object of your affection. Show them how much you care by leaving ‘dedication’ out of your copy and using something, er, shall we venture to shoot for – creative?  You can Tell your audience how passionate, committed, and dedicated you feel towards them all night (or day) long…but, talk is cheap.  Try some TLC that adds real value to the customer experience.

What’s Thrilling? 

Zombies dancing themselves back to life, a ferris wheel in your back yard, and any gathering with the late, great Elizabeth Taylor in attendance clearly qualifies as Off the Wall.

However, when it comes to promoting your business, never promise more than you can deliver. Be yourself…with conviction—you’ve got plenty of bells and whistles — all your own.

It’s black, it’s white.  Or, it should be.   

So next time you find your fingertips on the verge of passionately pounding out cliché key words, step away from the computer.  Away from the computer.

Talk to the glove.

Moonwalk it off if you must…HOO!…Grab your crotch for inspiration (a gesture known to spawn creativity of one ilk, or another), if necessary. Safety tip: always wear at least one glove.

Make that Change…Now that you know better, do better…Ya know it! 



The Dream Team



About Samantha Gluck

Not only am I the chief editor of this multi-author online magazine, I'm a content creator and social media marketing strategist with a background in journalism, finance, & healthcare. I began my content marketing agency, All Media Freelance, LLC, in 2010 and lead a well-rounded, talented team of multi-channel content strategists and niche writers. I've developed and managed print and digital content projects for health care, fitness, financial services, mental health, non-profit, and automotive publishers, as well as for biotechnology brands.


  1. Love the way you write about writing Sam! Now “I’m Bad” will now forever play in my mind every time I sit down at the keyboard – reminding me to be genuine in building real relationships without the cliched hype.

    ~RJ, the HOPE Coach

    • LOL! You’ve always built real relationships, RJ. You’re a purveyor of hope, healing, and peace for families. What more could parents ask for as a blessing? Can’t wait until your book comes out! Thanks so much for stopping by. I can’t take full credit for that awesome post. My Dream Team associate editor, Amy Shoultz (a.k.a. the Prof) and I collaborated on it. That why it’s signed “The Dream Team” Samantha

  2. You are brilliant and you are beautiful – oh and did I say talented? Collaboration or not – this piece is priceless. You could teach a thing or two to our country’s educators :) xoxo Anna

    • Anna,

      You flatter me, but I love it! Thank you so much for your kind words. You always bless me whenever I speak to you, read a comment from you on my site, or read your awesome posts on your website.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Nothing beats collaborating, though. I couldn’t have written with the all out wit of the Prof.

      Love you, miss you, Anna. Call me.


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