February 9, 2016

Want More Clients? Give More to Get More

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Give more to get more – it’s more than a mantra

Do you want you want more clients and more happiness? I sure hope so! Today I want to share a simple key to getting more of what you want in life.

Back when I was a college student struggling to find a way to recruit more members to join a student organization, I learned this simple truth from my mentor. We tried everything we could to get more members, but nothing seemed to work.

Finally, exhausted and frustrated I said to the wise man, “We’re doing great work, making a difference in the community, and we have a lot of fun. Why are we having much success recruiting new members?”

He paused for a moment then said, “You have good intentions, but you’re going about it the wrong way. People don’t join for your reasons. They join for their reasons and what they believe your organization can do for them. Focus first on giving people what they want and in return they will help you get what you want.” It was as if a light bulb went off. I’ve been using this principle faithfully ever since.

Give More Value to Get More Clients

If you want more clients, make sure to give more value to the clients you currently have.

Give until it hurts.

And then make sure you ask them for referrals and recommendations. If you’re giving them the best service and exceeding their needs, they’ll have no problem spreading the word and helping you grow your business.

The same is true in our personal lives, if you want more happiness and better relationships, you need to lead the way and become a more joyful, peaceful, loving person. To paraphrase George Bernard Shaw, we have no right to consumer happiness without producing it.

A Business Model of Giving

This life changing principle is a foundational element in our business model. My company, LifeSoap, provides a subscription soap service for health conscious people across the US. We provide customers with all the soap they need and help bring clean water to children around the world without leaving home.

We offer a fantastic product (premium organic soap) that helps our customers take care of their sensitive skin and enjoy their lives. In return, they support us with orders. These orders allow us to fulfill our ultimate goal of helping to bring clean water, better health, and a brighter future to children around the world.

Last year we funded our first set of projects at schools in Nicaragua. Check out this quick video documenting the impact.

This year we are excited to serve even more customers and double our impact around the world.

We even used this principle to develop our affiliate program. We give our affiliates more of what they want (generous payouts and the opportunity to share a product they believe in) and in return they help us reach more customers and achieve our business goals. It’s a win-win!

Giving first isn’t just good karma, it’s good for business. I hope that it makes your life and your business thrive!

Your take: How do you give more value to your clients? Has giving more helped you to get more?

About Juwon Melvin

Author and public speaker, Juwon A. Melvin is co-founder of Life Soap Company. He addresses thousands of students and professionals across the US each year. When not working, Juwon enjoys traveling the world, salsa dancing, and giving back to the community.

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