February 14, 2016

About Lisa Buben

Lisa Buben began working in the newspaper business at the tender age of 14, starting as a graphic artist and finally a salesperson. She holds a degree in fine arts and is currently taking classes in web design.
Lisa has worked as webmaster and blogger since 2010 for an online business and learns something new every day about the online business world and ways to generate web traffic (or not). She first learned to generate site traffic through blogging. Eventually, she started getting phone calls and emails from friends and acquaintances asking her to help them with their websites. Read more of her work and learn more about Lisa at her blog, Inspire to Thrive.


  1. Thank you for sharing! I haven’t heard of these two resources before and will check them out.
    Amandah recently posted..One Simple Lesson Will Boost Your Non-Profit Organization’s Donations and SupportMy Profile

  2. You are welcome Amandah. Re-Tweet works quicker if you need quick results but Triberr will give you more results in the long run. Let me know if you have any questions
    Lisa recently posted..Will The Facebook Graph Search Change Social and Search?My Profile

  3. Thank you Samantha and Lisa!

    I signed up with Triberr to ‘test’ the program. I’m curious to know how much a blog/website owner’s traffic increased. Have you had a significant increase in web traffic? What about conversions?

    Many thanks…
    Amandah recently posted..One Simple Lesson Will Boost Your Non-Profit Organization’s Donations and SupportMy Profile

  4. Hi Lisa, I’ve been on Triberr for a while now. I would like to get on another decent Tribe or two because I’ve noticed the mutual sharing has dropped drastically in the last few weeks.

    I have accounts on both JustRetweet and EasyRetweet but haven’t done anything on either of them. After reading this post, I decided to give them both a try and see how they work.

    I spent 400 credits to a tweet as a test on JustRetweet. It seemed pretty easy and it’s working. I did have 3 people give me a +1 for the credits and now the next day all three of those +1s are gone. I can see who +1ed a page so I’m not sure if they’re going in and undoing it after they get credit or if it’s a glitch on Google’s end. I’m going to keep playing with it though.

    Thanks for the post, if nothing else, you got me started on something that’s been sitting in my “to do” list for a long time.
    Brian Hawkins recently posted..A Fast Way To Less Blog TrafficMy Profile

  5. HI Brian, That’s about the number of points I usually get to before I submit one of mine to tweet. It is easy and quick.
    I love Triberr, I’m in over 20 tribes now. It takes time to get into more but now you don’t need bones, you have to comment on three posts of a tribe and then the chief will decide to send you an invite. I’m working on building mine for our FancyScrubs now with more health type related tribes, etc. You do have to go in and make sure your settings for your blog are up to date too. You’ll get more shares that way too.
    I’ll see if I can invite you Brian as I have one of my own too. A little one but will grow it. Thanks for coming by and commenting on my guest post here.
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  6. Hi Lisa!

    This is an interesting comparison of Triberr and JustRetweet. First I want to say that I thought I was the only one who had trouble understanding how Triberr works. Glad to learn that it’s not just me!

    Also, I wanted to let you know that I’m no longer on staff at JustRetweet. Since I started helping Andy and become the Official CommentLuv Ambassador I don’t have time for much else these days. But you’re right that I can always reach out and give people a hand with the site if they need it.

    JustRetweet changed hands back in the fall and the new owner, Chris Fong, has done a stellar job of making improvements to the features of the site. My favorite is the Google+1 button. Very cool!

    Thanks so much for mentioning me in the post!

    btw – I like this blog – I think this is my first time here, Great job!
    Ileane recently posted..My Tools, Tips and Strategies for Google+ SuccessMy Profile

    • Thanks Ms Ilene for coming by here on my guest post at Samantha’s place It’s a great blog!
      Triberr can be quite complex and it does takes time. But once you get it and get into many tribes it really works wonders for a blog.
      I didn’t realize you were not there anymore at JustRetweet. You still use it right? I do like the new features of Just Retweet and I believe now Facebook too. It’s a quick way to drive some re-tweets.
      I love commentluv – I got the premium last year and it’s wonderful. Andy is great too. A few times I had questions and he responded immediately. Amazing.
      Have a great rest of the weekend Ms. Ileane.

    • Ms Ileane! You’re the official CommentLuv Ambassador? I love CommentLuv. I wish I could just tell Andy how much his plugin has helped us on this little experimental writer’s site. We’re strongly considering using CommentLuv on our soon-to-be-launched business website, RebelSpark. What do you think about using it for a site like that? A business site?

      We’ll definitely be joining Triberr on behalf of RebelSpark. I’ve used it quite a bit and gotten so much out of it. I think it’ll be good for the business blog as well.

      Lisa is awesome, isn’t she? I’m always honored to have a post from her on my site.
      Samantha Gluck recently posted..Thank You to Freelance Writing Dreams Readers – 2012 RockedMy Profile

  7. Hi Lisa,

    Thnx for the shout out :-)

    Here’s what we’re up to on Triberr.

    After 2 years of building an amazing community and creating features like reblog and syndicated comments which are only available to Triberr users, in 2013 we are focusing on usability and making things easier :-)

    Also, this is the year when Dan and I will finally go full time working on Triberr, plus we will be hiring more devs, so you know we’ll have some great stuff in store.

    You can look for the redesign in about a month or so. I’ll put you on the preview list so you can give us some early feedback :-)


    Founder of Triberr
    Dino Dogan recently posted..Insane LoyaltyMy Profile

  8. Hi Dino, Triberrr has been really awesome. Thanks to all you do for us with it. A redesign? Nice, I will be looking forward to seeing that. I’d love to be on the preview list, thanks a lot.

    It’s amazing how much traffic blogs can get from Triberr but it doesn’t happen overnight and some bloggers give up before they get into many tribes. Anything good takes time, right?

  9. Hi Lisa, this is a great post and thank you for mentioning me!

    I haven’t tried Just retweet, perhaps I should give it a whirl?
    David recently posted..A Panasonic Oral IrrigatorMy Profile

    • Yes David, it does give you some quick re-tweets. It is easy to use too. I don’t think as many folks are on it as Triberr but different days you will find different people there. So give it a try at least a few times before making a decision.

  10. I use both and they are great to use, as you say, Triberr can get a little crowded at times when it comes to your feed, but I love that we have the choice of what we tweet and aren’t forced to tweet anything, so we have control.

    Also, many thanks for listing my Twitter and having me in your list of those you trust, it’s very much appreciated.
    Karen Woodham recently posted..How Can I Find Out How Many Verified Twitter Accounts Follow Me?My Profile

  11. Very helpful post. I’ve been using JustReTweet for a short time now, when I have time, and I agree with all your points. And, I’ve had Triberr in the back of my mind to try out for quite a while now. Your post is one extra push for me to jump in there, too. I’ll definitely be looking for you there. And, I’ll take your advice to not overdo anything. Thanks!
    Helen Hoefele recently posted..Bad Behavior: At Whose Cost?My Profile

  12. I totally agree with the Triberr being a little difficult to learn, i have been on Triberr for over a month now and yet cant get it all yet, i had to search got blog posts on how to learn Triberr to be able to understand how it really work, but now i think its awesome, i have also been using justretweet, so times someone not in your niche may tweet your post just to gain the coin and it wont have much effect compared to when people from same niche on a Triberr tribe tweet your post.
    Nwosu Desmond recently posted..Top 10 Tools for Content CurationMy Profile

    • Hi Nwosu,
      I would agree :) IT does take time to learn Triberr so don’t give up. The more tribes you are in the better it will be for you. You have to leave 3 comments on a tribe and then the tribe chief may invite you (usually does).
      Yes, re-tweet, I try to stick to only good content to share from there and I usually check links before sharing.

  13. Great post Lisa and you just gave me some new ideas for things to work on. Trying my best to keep the quality of submissions high on the site though there’s still work to be done.

    While there’s really no official staff at JustRetweet except me anymore, Ms Ileane is still great at answering questions and she’s the one that suggested many useful features that have been added to the site, including the Facebook integration. Even though she’s busy, I’m very happy that she’s still a regular user of the Justretweet.
    Chris Fong recently posted..JustRetweet Adds Bump Tweet FeatureMy Profile

    • Thanks Chris. I bet that is not an easy task either. Ms. Ileane is great at answering questions and she is the reason I came to JustRetweet probably a year ago now. I love the new Facebook and G+ integration, that really helps. The new bump feature is another good addition :) Keep ‘em coming!
      Lisa recently posted..The Ultimate Personal SEO Checklist for 2013My Profile

  14. Interesting comparison. I have heard of Triberrr but never really wanted to login and try. Perhaps I should. Using Justretweet and its easy and it does work. Easyretweet is another one which I use. But now that you have mentioned Triberr, perhaps its time I really checked it out. Thank you.
    Shalu Sharma recently posted..Domestic Airlines in IndiaMy Profile

  15. Hi Lisa, for me it’s JustRetweet by a land slide. Triberr is way to complicated I do have a account there. And I have looked at numerous video’s on YouTube to try to understand exactly how Triberr works. For me, it is a waste of my valuable time.
    Paul Profitt recently posted..Can JustRetweet Really Get More Traffic To Your Blog?My Profile

    • HI Paul, it takes time with Triberr, you have to have patience. JustRetweet is easier but you have more people on Triberr. JustRetweet is a good quick way to get more retweets, FB likes and Google+. Triberr also is able to go to FB and Google+ too now. I may do a SlideShare or video on Triberr because you are not the first one to say it’s confusing :) Thanks for coming by Paul and for your input.
      Lisa recently posted..The Ultimate Personal SEO Checklist for 2013My Profile

  16. Hi Lisa,

    Gosh I just got to know about this post :)

    Very informative post here defining both aspects of each tool and I like how you pointed ‘em out with bullet points :) Easy to go through.

    I’ve used JustRetweet once and I admit that I didn’t know how to use it effectively that time and start promoting stuff there. Well, that’s a part of it, but everything has a right way to do. I remember they have contacted me over Twitter and let me know I was doing it wrong too :) I think that’s a nice move.

    Haven’t use Triberr yet I’m still on the waiting list with my other goals Lisa :)

    I think it’s more about the people who use it and not the way the app has built :) I know we all may not get them at first but we need to read instructions carefully. I’m sure the developers find people annoying when they don’t follow what they expected and worst is when they don’t get it after all.

    Mayura recently posted..Save Web Content or Pages to View Later with PocketMy Profile

    • HI Mayura, JustRetweet is great if you just re-tweet things that you would normally retweet in your niche. Once you have enough points you can then submit your own to be re-tweeted. It’s a quick way to get more re-tweets and you might even meet a few more bloggers there. Triberr is more complex but with time works wonderful! And I’ve met a lot of bloggers via it too. I think you should try them – and Just Re-Tweet try it again :) Many have found Triberr confusing which is why I did another post with the slideshare on it. I was lost there too at first. Thanks for coming by and visiting my guest post here Mayura.

  17. Hi Lisa,
    While I use JustRetweet, and EasyRetweet, Triberr was way a bit confusing when I got on it. That was back in 2012. Well, I’ll have to give it another try. I’m sure to catch it this time.

    Thanks for the post and hope you have a splendid weekend

  18. Heard of justretweet from one of the co-bloggers. Its awesome. Started using it and results are coming. But need to check your suggestion of Triberr.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Vinay recently posted..Twitter Rolling Out Sending Direct Message To AnyoneMy Profile


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