February 10, 2016

Top 10 Reasons to Self Publish

I love the thought of traditional publishing and am actually in the process of ghost writing and editing 4 books for two separate authors who have already landed publishing contracts in that world. But the notion of self-publishing has crossed over from the wrong side of the tracks to reside, if not next to, at least nearer to the neighborhood of traditional publishing. When done right, self published books look great, read beautifully, and can sell just as well as traditionally published books. Guy Kawasaki came up with this infographic about self publishing that I thought y’all might like to see:

Used with permission

Used with permission


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  1. Hi Sam,

    Thanks for sharing the inforgraphic on self-publishing!

    Many self-publishing companies have “popped up” throughout the years. I receive phone calls from reps at least once or twice a month wanting to know what I am writing and if I’m interested in self-publishing. The one company is becoming annoying. I’ve had several different reps call me. I can’t help but wonder if there is a high turnover. I also get the feeling that they’re not really interested in me or my book projects. The feeling I get is that they’re more interested in the sale. This is interesting to me because this particular self-publisher is well known in the spiritual/metaphysical area.
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    • Hi Amandah,

      I know what you mean about those pesky self-publishing salespeople. Now, I haven’t read Guy Kawasaki’s new book on SP yet, so I’m not sure if he advocates those or not. I certainly don’t and would not use one of those big self publishers. They eat up almost ALL of any profits you could make on book sales. One friend of mine used one of them and her book is priced at 14.95, but she only makes $1.95 (or something ridiculous like that) on each sale because of the fees. I know others who paid $3,000 to $5,000 up front. That’s just not ok.

      There are ways to self publish where you do it all yourself. I have two friends who have done this – one is very successful. She started her own private publishing “label” and publishes her books that way. They sell very nicely and she pays for all the various things that go into publishing a book by outsourcing directly to the vendors. That cuts out the middle man and makes for a good profit margin. There’s no pesky salespeople to pay, no overhead costs. That’s one of the things that makes it so expensive to go with one of those big self publishing houses.

      Anyway, I’ve droned on too long. Thanks for stopping by.XO

      • Hi Sam,

        I would be interested in knowing how your friends have successfully self-published. I would need a graphic artist to design the front and back covers and all of that jazz. :)

        Guy’s book does include how to use print-on-demand companies and author-services companies. I’ll have to buy his book.

        I am getting tired of the phone calls from self-publishing reps because I don’t feel they’re truly interested in my project, just the sale.
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        • Hi Amandah,

          I’ll email you and send you to her website (tomorrow – lots of stuff going on today). I think I also have a link to her private publishing company. She had to do just what you’re saying – find her own book jacket designer, graphic designer, photographer, etc. But, it’s better because there’s no middle man. Those other publishing companies jack up the prices on each piece of the process, so they can make a profit. I certainly don’t begrudge them their profit (being a staunch capitalist myself), but there are better ways to do it yourself.

  2. Samantha, I didn’t realize they really did revisions of a book like that. Interesting as I just delved into doing my 1st eBook. Thanks for sharing the information with a pretty infographic. Now I understand why you would go the route of having your own labels for your own.
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    • Hi Lisa,

      Yes, revisions can take a long time with traditional publishing. One best selling author, Justin Cronin, had several errors in his first run novel, The Passage. I guess his editor missed them, or there were other issues with printing. Anyway, they did not print revised, corrected copies until all the inventory of the copies with errors sold. Unbelievable. It made Cronin look bad (to no fault of his own) and frustrated readers.

  3. Hi Samantha! Having just gotten a novel published with a small house, I feel like I’ve straddled the best of both worlds. I have a ton of control over marketing and the book is POD and digital, so it will be available forever–none of the remaindered returns that eat into author’s royalties. I have this idea that it would be fun to experience all three types of publishing–traditional, self, and the small house. I’m seriously considering self-publishing a novel I wrote a few years ago and I’m working on a new novel that I’ll submit to agents. We’ll see!
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    • That’s awesome Charlotte! Would love to read your novel. Kudos to you for chasing the dream and actually catching it!

      It would be great to experience all three types of publishing and then write a book about the experiences and the pros and cons. Brilliant!

      XO Samantha

  4. Hello Samantha,
    Good thoughts! But there are overlooked problems with both self-publishing and the conventional publishing industry.
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