February 13, 2016

The Perfect Way to Get Over Writer’s Block

overcoming writer's block

Writer’s block – it will come at some point.

There are two dynamics in play regarding writer’s block – behavior, and inspiration (or lack of). Those same dynamics hold true for a block in any area, creative or non-creative. If you view your block under those qualifiers, regardless of the discipline, the methods for overcoming that block are all the same. And here’s my perfect way to do just that.

There was a time when you couldn’t conceive of ever having writer’s block. A time where the words flowed through you like notes through a saxophone.

You were driven to put those thoughts, those feelings, onto paper and screen.

Like Ernest Hemingway wrote, “Writing is easy. You just sit down at the typewriter and bleed.”

So now that you have writer’s block (or any other creative block), I must ask you, why aren’t you willing to bleed anymore?

The Answer Is Not As Difficult As May Seem

The answer to the problem — the words necessary to finish that story — doesn’t lie in the words. You can’t talk yourself out of writer’s block. Or, force any words out and onto the page. You will only be adding sludge on top of the already blocked path.

The answer to your dilemma is that very reason why you started writing in the first place. That spark of compassion, the love of words, and the realization of your ability to share with the world by your talents, is the answer.

Forget the immediate – the story you’re trying to finish (or start). Get back to the basics. You are a writer, or an artist, or a singer or musician or . . .you may have matured, been forced to venture into the business side. Or began listening to the critics, even if that critic is you.

When you first started out at 100 miles per hour down this creative path, none of that mattered, did it? It still doesn’t. You are a writer, because you must write. You are an artist, because you must draw, or paint, or sculpt.

The key: Rekindle the very inspiration that created your behavior in the first place. And accept it with confidence.

Focus On The Inspiration That Got You There In the First Place

Here’s a little analogy to clarify this, albeit a simple analogy. Do you, or can you ride a bike? Do you, or can you swim? Here’s one I was reminded of a couple of weeks ago – do you, or can you skate?

crash and burn

Did anyone other than me crash and burn?

Did anyone, other than me, crash and burn — cutting  a few pieces of skin open when learning to do these things? Or even break a few bones? I didn’t drown, but I swallowed a little water. I still have a couple of scars, but I’d jump on a mountain bike right now, if I had one. You won’t  find me on a pair of roller skates, for anything. But it’s cold here. It’s winter. And that means ice skating.

You see, I am a skater, I am a swimmer, and I can ride a bike. And more to the point, I am a writer.

I do all of these, because I have to. They make me whole. Or maybe, as in some eyes, I’m too dumb to know better. That’s ok. I may seem like a blithering idiot to some. But I’m grinning from ear to ear with joy when I accomplish these things.

Remind Yourself Regularly

Remind yourself who you are; and why that’s important. Remind yourself of the joy that writing, or art, brings to your life; and more importantly, the joy it brings to others. Not everybody is a critic.

Your very writing success lies within the desire that is deep inside of you.  You can’t run from it. It’s your true identity.

Accept it, and embrace it. Relax, and be confident in who you are. Your creativity will flow from within you, when you realize just how creative you truly are.

Share your experiences with us – have you experienced some sort of creative block? How do you overcome it?


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  1. Hi Gib,

    Thank you so much for these tips on overcoming writer’s block. I’m not sure I’ve experienced the phenomenon, per se, that is the bane of so many creatives. But, I have had trouble, at times, summoning the fearlessness that’s required to even begin on an assignment. Is this writer’s block?

    It doesn’t happen too often, but it happens often enough to mention. When this does occur to me, I do something similar to what you suggest here: i remind myself of why I’m a journalist, why people seek me out for projects, and what my gifts can offer the community. It still takes a little time to quash the syndrome, but it works with persistence.

    Sometimes I look over past assignments that I’ve completed and that reminds me that I should go forward without fear and with a resolute confidence.

  2. I haven’t really been stricken with “block” yet, but have been really close. For me, it’s more of a feeling that I’m not creative at all because of strife, or struggle, or whatever. Let’s face it, life happens!

    So then it’s time to visit an art store, or a huge bookstore, or even better – a children’s museum. I’m on fire by the time I get back in my van, and can’t wait to start pecking away on the keyboard.

    I think I need one of those bumper stickers. “Support Your Local Artist.” But with an old van and a goatee, I might be mistaken for an aging hippie! HA!

    Thanks for the comments, Samantha. Wishing you all the best!
    Gibson Goff recently posted..You Can’t Find Success Under a RockMy Profile

  3. Hi Gibson, I believe it’s the passion to keep the writing flowing. If you are not passionate anymore about your topic you will find it harder to write about it. But when you are fired up over something, the words will surely flow. I try to go out for a walk when I’m in a funk and can’t think of that next post to write. It gives me time to really think. Once I come up with an idea I’m ready to roll and am all fired up until I hit publish.
    Lisa recently posted..The Ultimate Personal SEO Checklist for 2013My Profile

    • Exactly, Lisa! Sometimes it’s the story idea, sometimes a critic passed a comment of “He/She isn’t ‘that’ good,” sometimes it’s the equipment you have to work with.

      But when you find that little spark, and rekindle it, all the pieces fall back into place. Walking works for me too, I’m a big walker. The reason we moved where we are now is because we’re a block from a city park with a one mile trail.

      Thanks for the comments, Lisa!

  4. Hi Gibson,

    I sometimes experience a block when there’s too much noise in the home. I don’t live by myself (I need to move out), and being surround by people who forget that we don’t live in a two-story or three-story home can be annoying at times; living in a ranch, one-level home is not for me. I relish quiet time which is usually from 6:45 a.m. to about 3:05 p.m. :) When I have peace and quiet, I can write and write and write…
    Amandah recently posted..One Simple Lesson Will Boost Your Non-Profit Organization’s Donations and SupportMy Profile

  5. Samantha,

    Upon occasion, writer’s block simply kills me. I know one of the issues for myself is too much going on around me. I am a stay-at-home dad of a four year-old and don’t have the option of silence at times. I know when my son is actively engaged it is impossible to write (even when he’s not actively engaged I can find it impossible at times). When I begin to write, and I get interrupted for whatever reason I can easily lose my train of thought.

    If I have difficulty in writing anything, I have discovered that reading other blog posts or old posts of my own can give me inspiration. I have rewritten old posts of my own and linked to the original with a new twist on what I originally stated (or I will add to a conversation of someone else’s posts).

    Aaron Brinker aka DadBlunders
    Aaron Brinker recently posted..Talking About Infertility Isn’t Easy – Our StoryMy Profile

    • Gibson,

      Reading to many posts at once I think. I meant to make that comment to you and addressed it to Samantha.

      Apologies in advance….

      Aaron Brinker recently posted..Talking About Infertility Isn’t Easy – Our StoryMy Profile

      • We understand, Aaron! I know exactly how you feel (and I’m sure Gib does too). I can’t tell how many times I’ve addressed a comment to the wrong person (someone other than the author of the post). But we all chime in on each other’s posts and reader comments here. I’m sure Gib will have his own incredible insights into your comment. So glad to see you here.

    • I love that idea Aaron! I think I’ll steal that from you – creating a new twist on older content I’ve written as well as adding conversation from someone else’s articles and advice. Fantastic idea. Thanks for stopping by, Aaron. Gib always has creative ways to overcome a variety of blocks to success and to writing specifically. ~Samantha XO

    • I echo your advice, Aaron – I do the same thing! It’s obvious that you have a creative, writer’s eye. You can find inspiration in old works, even your own. You’ll be writing for life!

      Hey – here’s an idea – Charles Shultz drew Peanuts from the kids in his neighborhood. You may know that . . Considering your keen eye for inspiration and ideas, do you think you have more than a few funny stories running by in your house? :-) Just sayin’ . . .

      Wishing you all the best, Aaron! And looking forward to reading more of your stuff! :-))
      Gibson Goff recently posted..You Don’t Need As Much Success As You ThinkMy Profile

  6. I call this the return your higher self. This is my first time on this blog, and although it’s a guest post, I love what I just read. Yes we get the writers block, but sometimes we get the feeling we have to prove to others that goes outside who we really are. Once we get connected back to our purpose that’s when the juices start flowing. Thanks for sharing Gibson and Samantha!
    Sherman Smith recently posted..5 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your BlogMy Profile

  7. Writers block can be the most frustrating issue to deal with when trying to get something done. What I’ve found is the more I stress about it (or anything in general), and the more I think about what I need to write, the worse it gets. When you are a writer, you start out by writing from your heart.. That is, you don’t think out every single word, you just write as it comes to your mind. To me, this is the best way to write. Because it is only when I do that, that the thoughts just keep flowing smoothly rather than being forced.

    • Your summation and direction is perfect. So much so that the very heart of all the “Write A Book In XX Days,” has you just writing in the beginning. Allowing it to naturally flow, without stopping for grammar or punctuation.

      Just write from the heart. Then edit, edit, and edit some more.

      Great insight. Thanks for your comments.
      Gibson Goff recently posted..Create Your Burning Desire For SuccessMy Profile


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