July 12, 2014

7 Killer Tools for Journalists and Content Marketers

imind map mindmap tony busan

Journalists and content marketing experts don’t typically spend long hours tied to their desks anymore. They’re on the move, covering events, chatting with thought leaders, and gathering information from the world around them. Then they just go back to their desks or laptops and pound out a stellar story that sets the world on fire […]

Are You Imprisoned in the Badlands of Writing?

Stay away from the boring passive voice trap. Think action.

Make your escape from the badlands of writing by refusing to use clichés, uninspired ideas, tired topics, awkward sentences, passive voice, and boring organization formulas. Everyone has read about the fickle Web surfing reader’s attraction to how-to posts and love of lists. Take a break from your usual and commit to incorporate anecdotes, comparisons, and […]