February 8, 2016

SEO Copywriting as Poetry

Poetry and SEO copywriting - a surprising mixed marriage.

A Creative Writing Approach to SEO Most SEOs have a technical background – a degree in IT, experience as an in-house programmer or an AdWords PPC campaign manager – something that typically has to do with managing algorithms or crunching numbers or code. My career path to SEO and copywriting started out a little differently. […]

How SEO Writing Will Kill Your Voice

Endless SEO writing may bring profits, but you'll lose your unique voice in the process. (photo credit: helpingchurchleaders.com)

Cranking out endless three hundred word SEO articles may be affording you enough profit to pay your bills. But is it doing harm to your writing style, your voice and ultimately your longevity as a writer? Let’s look at SEO articles through a couple of lenses and try to draw some conclusions. Let’s compare an […]