February 7, 2016

SEO Copywriting as Poetry

Poetry and SEO copywriting - a surprising mixed marriage.

A Creative Writing Approach to SEO Most SEOs have a technical background – a degree in IT, experience as an in-house programmer or an AdWords PPC campaign manager – something that typically has to do with managing algorithms or crunching numbers or code. My career path to SEO and copywriting started out a little differently. […]

Great Freelancers Are Great Readers

Successful freelancers stay abreast of current trends and offerings by reading.

As our freelancing careers become busier it’s easy to focus on only our writings. We’re busy putting out great articles, billing clients and marketing for more. Writing means profits, and as freelancers we like a steady flow of cash. Who doesn’t? But to stay on top of our game we need to stay abreast of […]