February 13, 2016

Are Sparkly Content and Eye-Catching Photos the New SEO?

girl sun laptop dreamstime from morguefile

If you don’t read much on SEO you may not have heard about the Penguin changes over at Google recently. Google is updating their algorithm to give readers better quality content as they search for information or simply Google it. They want to get rid of web spam and that’s a great thing. Who wants […]

SEO Fails – How Not to Optimize Your Website

Chocolate cake stuffing? Right on! Keyword stuffing? Fail!

Search engine optimization (SEO) represents a critical component of any online business or site wishing to enjoy a large number of visitors. People who know even the most basic principles of SEO can implement them and reap the benefits. But, SEO has a dark side as well. Like most everything else in this world, there’s a […]