February 11, 2016

Create a Stellar Google Plus Business Page in a Snap

social media for business

All business owners, including freelance writers, need to learn how to create a Google plus business page to promote their services. Here’s why: with the increasing popularity of digital business and communication, the global business community has utilized the power and reaped the benefits associated with the Internet and its worldwide reach.  As more individuals […]

Social Media – What Is It Good For?

scars r sexy freelance writing

What is social media good for — besides acting as a platform for freelance writers and others to promote themselves and their wares? The short answer? A lot. What does “a lot” really mean? Much more than merely reuniting with your high school class or making that ex-BF realize, at long last, that he missed […]

How to Write Tweets that Get Read and Retweeted

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Even after amassing a hefty number of Twitter followers, you’ll still need to engage them in meaningful ways to keep them. Part of that task involves writing easily consumed, retweetable tweets. Even if the linked content totally rocks, a poorly crafted tweet likely won’t get retweeted. For what it’s worth, I’ve compiled some of hot […]

Social Media Engagement – Work it like you mean it

Work it like a pro to build your memorable brand.

Let’s face it. Barring any sudden zombie apocalypse, social media is here to stay. It has earned a solid place in our cultural and digital world – a ubiquitous personal branding tool that will work wonders for anyone willing to work it and work it hard. If you want to enjoy the thrill of rising […]

Bundle Up: It’s not just for winter

Robert Caruso - the man behind the social media magic every business needs.

Social media looms large in the world today. It seems almost everyone, young and old, participates in one or more of the popular platforms. Reasons vary, with some tweeting about their products or services, hanging out on Facebook to connect with others personally, and still others utilizing several platforms at once for a companywide marketing […]

Twitter – It’s Not Rocket Science, Y’all

Selfish people end up lonely -- on Twitter.

In an effort to promote their products or services, many freelance writers have jumped on the Twitter bandwagon. Once signed up and ready to go, some find themselves at a loss, regarding what to say, how it all works, and how to gain followers. Beware the Self Centered Tweeter  A significant number of Twitter participants […]

Calling All Gurus, Divas & Rock Stars : Social Media Profile Optimization Tips

If you have to put it in your profile, you probably aren't (a rockstar-guru-boss)

Editor’s Note: This article brought to you by The Dream Team in concert — a collaborative effort. Yes, we’re talking to you…all the self-proclaimed gurus, divas, self-styled rock stars populating the twitter feeds, Facebook walls, and other realms of the virtual world.  If those lofty claims-to-fame on your profile represent your personal, or professional, brand—and […]

Stories of Social Media Sparkle and Tarnish Coming Soon

Two hating unicorns -- can't we all just get along?

Stay tuned for informative and provocative posts about the paradoxes of the social media phenomenon. What Paradox? The Dream Team will feature articles from their point of view and that of guest contributors that illustrate the paradoxical nature of social media. Social media is both productive and destructive, mindful and mindless, necessary and irrelevant, free […]

Are Doctors with a Social Media Presence Better Healers?

Photo courtesy of pharmamarketer dot com

Recently, I came across a provocative article by Dr. Kevin Pho of KevinMD.com. The article states that physicians without a presence on the various social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, and blogs, risk irrelevancy. Dr. Pho represents the leading physician authority on healthcare social media and when he makes such a bold and public […]