February 5, 2016

The Apostrophe and Stupid – Sometimes They Go Together

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Repeated misuse of the possessive apostrophe in your writing makes you look stupid. OK, if you don’t claim to be a copywriter, journalist, or other professional writer, most people will probably cut you some slack for including an errant apostrophe in your blogs and emails. But proper use of this little placeholder is easy to […]

Semicolons: Why Must They Be So Misunderstood?

semicolon usage

Freelance writers and copywriters everywhere must take pity on the poor misunderstood semicolon. Do you often find yourself wondering about the proper use of a semicolon? Ever ponder whether to insert a comma or the oft-shunned semicolon? How about knowing when to use a colon as opposed to our little half-breed cousin: the semicolon? We’re […]