February 14, 2016

Freelance Writers – Write Headlines and Leads Like a Pro Journalist

Headlines and leads capture your reader and keep him until the end.

Journalist headline and lead crafting secrets uncovered. The Dream Team talks so your website rocks – Part III Headlines and leads represent two of the most important elements of any news story – or anything, in article format, that you want others to read to the end. Headlines must hook the reader by capturing his […]

How to Interview Sources Like a Pro Journalist

First-hand experiences and expert voices add authority to your writing.

Become an interview expert to take your freelance writing career to the next level. As a health care journalist, I tend to think of myself as a current events broker, rather than just a news writer. Think about it – journalists research and investigate important events and decide which ones have enough human interest and […]

In Defense of the Email Interview

Offer to do an email interview and snag George Clooney.

Why professional journalists and hobby bloggers, alike, should reconsider the value of the email interview E-mail interviewing has a bad rap in the freelance writing industry. Many would-be cyber interview sessions get derailed because participants can’t shake the notion that others see the method as amateurish and unreliable, producing inconclusive results. Interviewing sources via e-mail […]

Blowing the Beat: More Secrets of Pro Journalists Revealed

Yours truly conducting a remote interview with 2 radio shock jocks.

Oops! They did it again…more writing secrets revealed by FWD Dream Team Part II Why would you care about the techniques and activities professional news journalists go through to write news pieces? An ambitious freelance writer wants to move into discomfort with his or her craft. Stretching your writing muscles will help you grow your […]