February 14, 2016

Make 2012 Your Best Year For Writing Yet

Manage chaos and turmoil in your life to keep your writing on track. (image: cnn.com)

You may not feel you’re ready for it, but you can make 2012 your very best year for writing, yet. And even better, you may already possess all the skills you need to make it happen. Piqued your interest? Great! That positive response shows you’re on the right track to actually making this your best […]

Set Your Big, Bodacious Freelance Writing Goals for 2012

Specific, measurable goals allow you to monitor your progress effectively.

Can you name the one skill all freelancers, or any entrepreneur, must learn in order to achieve lasting success? You’ve got to get comfortable with setting big, bodacious, but achievable goals annually for your writing business. The goals must challenge you and, if you have one, your team; include a way to measure progress and […]