February 10, 2016

Build Brand Awareness and Strong Market Loyalty with Mobile Campaigns

As more diverse swaths of Americans get the smart, mobile device itch, promotional opps grow.

Businesses can leverage the Smartphone craze and other popular mobile device technology to announce sales and promotional discounts to customers in their area. Consumers receive messages digitally on their mobile devices, making the cost of delivery minimal. To call potential customers to action, messages must give some sort of value to the customer, such as […]

Are You a Cunning Linguist? James Bond Teaches Writing 101

The cunning linguist at the ready. (Photo credit: idmb.com, Tomorrow Never Dies, 1997)

James Bond teaches a lesson in quality writing for the freelancer? Yes, freelancers certainly can learn a thing or two about overall quality writing from the adventurous womanizing spy. Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) steamy love scene with James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) and gorgeous, blond Danish professor and language tutor, Inga Bergstrom (Cecilie Thomsen) – Moneypenny […]