February 10, 2016

But I Don’t Know What I Want!

brick and mortar bookstore

I walked into a bookstore the other day, a very large bookstore, and had an epiphany. I know, that sounds like a one-liner for a stand-up comic. But, it’s true. It was like being back amongst old friends. Those colorful, wise friends that know all about you — and have a plethora of information to […]

How SEO Writing Will Kill Your Voice

Endless SEO writing may bring profits, but you'll lose your unique voice in the process. (photo credit: helpingchurchleaders.com)

Cranking out endless three hundred word SEO articles may be affording you enough profit to pay your bills. But is it doing harm to your writing style, your voice and ultimately your longevity as a writer? Let’s look at SEO articles through a couple of lenses and try to draw some conclusions. Let’s compare an […]