February 13, 2016

Secrets to Writing About an Event Like a Pro Journalist

journalist writing about events

Journalists who write about events need to include facts and other “provable” information in their stories, especially when reporting on something like a sports game, political convention, or other happenings. But depending on the publication and the type of story, writing about an event also includes writing about a feeling or attitude as well as […]

Eight Effective Feature Story Leads – Journalist Juice

journalist leads

It’s been a while since I’ve shared my journalist juice here on Freelance Writing Dreams, so I thought you might like some tips on how to write effective feature story leads. Typically, straight news stories use summary leads, but you’ll want to craft a catchier, more enticing lead for your feature story. Come up with […]

Seven Boss Ways to Improve Your New Writing Website

make money freelance wriitng

I recently wrote an article about the importance of building a brand for writers, inspired by my good friend and mentor (whether she realizes she mentors me or not), Laura Spencer of Writing Thoughts. One of the best ways to begin building brand awareness is to start a writer’s website. You can offer writing advice […]

We Except All Writing Accept Bad Writing

freelance writers just do it right

At All Media Freelance, the parent company of FWD, we always recommend that all freelancers—and this goes for bloggers, copywriters, photographers, small businesses–scope out the competition. Conducting industry-specific recon just makes good business sense. You’ll save money, time, and precious resources when you learn from the mistakes of those who came before you. Recently, on […]

Write Persuasive Prose Like the Pros

This image shows how not to write a persuasive essay...

When you write to prove a point, you’re writing to persuade – to change the reader’s opinion. It’s not often easy to persuade someone to change his mind or take a stand. Doing so requires a thorough understanding of the subject at hand as well as thoughtful planning and strong evidentiary support. For instance, don’t […]

Secrets of Writing an Editorial

Readers do not easily forget effective editorials.

Editorials – not just for newspaper columnists and journalists. You may not realize it, but if you write articles for a blog or other website, you’ve probably written an editorial or two. If you’ve written about your own thoughts and opinions about anything – a new tech trend featured on Mashable, the latest Google algorithm […]

How to Write Feature Stories Like a Pro Journalist

A feature writer has much more freedom than a straight news reporter.

Feature stories – more fun than writing straight news! News stories and feature stories may appear in the same publication, but they serve far different purposes. The lead in a news story reveals everything important about the story right up front; whereas a feature story lead invites the reader into the story without revealing all […]

Freelance Writers – Write Headlines and Leads Like a Pro Journalist

Headlines and leads capture your reader and keep him until the end.

Journalist headline and lead crafting secrets uncovered. The Dream Team talks so your website rocks – Part III Headlines and leads represent two of the most important elements of any news story – or anything, in article format, that you want others to read to the end. Headlines must hook the reader by capturing his […]

In Defense of the Email Interview

Offer to do an email interview and snag George Clooney.

Why professional journalists and hobby bloggers, alike, should reconsider the value of the email interview E-mail interviewing has a bad rap in the freelance writing industry. Many would-be cyber interview sessions get derailed because participants can’t shake the notion that others see the method as amateurish and unreliable, producing inconclusive results. Interviewing sources via e-mail […]