February 9, 2016

iPhone 5S and iOS 7 – The S Stands for Sexy

best things about iOS 7 and iPhone 5S

One of the best things about technology and the social media community is that it’s so easy to work from anywhere you like. I have a well-organized home office with two brand new 27-inch iMac desktops, so I do most of my intense content creation, journalistic writing, and video conferences right from my standing desk. […]

Build Brand Awareness and Strong Market Loyalty with Mobile Campaigns

As more diverse swaths of Americans get the smart, mobile device itch, promotional opps grow.

Businesses can leverage the Smartphone craze and other popular mobile device technology to announce sales and promotional discounts to customers in their area. Consumers receive messages digitally on their mobile devices, making the cost of delivery minimal. To call potential customers to action, messages must give some sort of value to the customer, such as […]