February 7, 2016

Flash Fiction Challenge – Part IV by Iain Mackenzie

flash fiction Iain Mackenzie

 Terrible Minds – Flash Fiction Challenge Part IV A note from Samantha Gluck: My friends, and even those who read my work without ever engaging me,  know full well that I’m a journalist and content strategist and that I feel profoundly blessed to be able to make a living doing what I love and, more […]

The Perfect Way to Get Over Writer’s Block

overcoming writer's block

There are two dynamics in play regarding writer’s block – behavior, and inspiration (or lack of). Those same dynamics hold true for a block in any area, creative or non-creative. If you view your block under those qualifiers, regardless of the discipline, the methods for overcoming that block are all the same. And here’s my […]

Writers – Do You Have Economy of Statement?

Bradley Cooper in Limitless

As a writer, you (hopefully) want your audience to understand you. A good writer will lead his reader to his meaning by the most sure and direct route possible. And, if the reader chooses to take the time to read an article, she certainly hopes to derive some sort of valuable meaning from the writer’s […]

Become a Know It All: Write What You Know and Know All About It

Every writer suffers with writer's block at some point, even Hemingway.

So, you think you want to write…then, why are you so tongue-tied?  Don’t let a momentary lack of inspiration discourage you.  If you do, you may as well hang up your writer’s hat now and move on to your next non-starter.  Call it writer’s block, brain fog, or something more poetic like awaiting a visit […]