November 25, 2015

Why Freelancers Need the Sun – Both Literally and Figuratively

Freelancers need sun

Freelancers need the sun. They need it for the normal reasons – vitamin D and its other health benefits. But freelancers need the sun for reasons other folks don’t. Freelancers: Have you tried using mobile Internet under the bright sun? Have you been off skype for more than 3 days? Have you ever tried to […]

Build Your Brand From Your Mom Experience

the simple mom podcast

Editor’s Note: Since May is the month of moms, we decided to feature a post especially for mom freelancers. In June, the month of dads, we’ll give papas equal time with a feature of their own. Perhaps you are a new mom. You used to work for someone else and now you think you might […]

Social Media – What Is It Good For?

scars r sexy freelance writing

What is social media good for — besides acting as a platform for freelance writers and others to promote themselves and their wares? The short answer? A lot. What does “a lot” really mean? Much more than merely reuniting with your high school class or making that ex-BF realize, at long last, that he missed […]

5 Things Dr. Dre Can Teach Freelancers About Personal Branding

Dr. Dre - keepin' it real and living the brand.

What is a personal brand? A personal brand represents an intangible business asset that influences how current and potential customers perceive your business and products or services – simply speaking, it’s public perception of you and your business. The image you project on social media profiles, personal and professional websites, and just about anything out […]

Freelance Writing and the Procrastination Vacation

Stop procrastinating and get to work. Actual vacations cost money.

How to Stop Sabotaging Your Success and Achieve Your Dreams You jumped. You left  your desk job last month. Gave up a reliable paycheck, full insurance benefits, and the hottie who sat two cubicles down — all to start your own freelance writing business. Clients have popped up and led to other clients and so […]