February 14, 2016

The Apostrophe and Stupid – Sometimes They Go Together

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Repeated misuse of the possessive apostrophe in your writing makes you look stupid. OK, if you don’t claim to be a copywriter, journalist, or other professional writer, most people will probably cut you some slack for including an errant apostrophe in your blogs and emails. But proper use of this little placeholder is easy to […]

7 Killer Tools for Journalists and Content Marketers

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Journalists and content marketing experts don’t typically spend long hours tied to their desks anymore. They’re on the move, covering events, chatting with thought leaders, and gathering information from the world around them. Then they just go back to their desks or laptops and pound out a stellar story that sets the world on fire […]

Semicolons: Why Must They Be So Misunderstood?

semicolon usage

Freelance writers and copywriters everywhere must take pity on the poor misunderstood semicolon. Do you often find yourself wondering about the proper use of a semicolon? Ever ponder whether to insert a comma or the oft-shunned semicolon? How about knowing when to use a colon as opposed to our little half-breed cousin: the semicolon? We’re […]

Top 10 Reasons to Self Publish

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I love the thought of traditional publishing and am actually in the process of ghost writing and editing 4 books for two separate authors who have already landed publishing contracts in that world. But the notion of self-publishing has crossed over from the wrong side of the tracks to reside, if not next to, at […]

The Perfect Way to Get Over Writer’s Block

overcoming writer's block

There are two dynamics in play regarding writer’s block – behavior, and inspiration (or lack of). Those same dynamics hold true for a block in any area, creative or non-creative. If you view your block under those qualifiers, regardless of the discipline, the methods for overcoming that block are all the same. And here’s my […]

Timeless Tips for Freelancing Dads

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Ahhh…the joys of fatherhood.  Do you remember the day your children were born?  Do you recall feelings of excitement, happiness and anxiety all rolled into one?  I certainly do.  I was a bundle of emotions the moment I first held my bundle of joy. My son Zachary was born last year just one month after […]

Freelance Writers – Your Mobile Office Just Got Way Cooler

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Freelance writers all over the globe have sprung for iPads and iPhones to increase their mobility. An office that’s Location Independent represents the freelance writing way of life. But it gets a bit challenging to type on a small iPad keyboard when you’re sipping a delicious salted mocha latte, while working at the neighborhood Starbucks. […]

How Do You Manifest Those Freelance Writing Dreams?

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We all have dreams and desires. Some of them, more lofty than others. And, some of us actually do something with them. Yet, many do nothing with them, other than dream. The standard bill-of-fare for achieving in this world – hard work, more hard work, even more hard work, and a great big lucky break […]

Find Inspiration in Your Broken Paths

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Can you find inspiration from the times you’ve lost your way? The other day, as I commented on some of my favorite freelance writing sites, I came across this post by the beautiful, Erin Feldman of Write Right: Why You Need to Get Lost. In the post Feldman talks about the feelings associated with literally […]

Eliminating Stress As a Freelancer and Other Impossibilities of Life

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Freelance writing:  the career state in which you compete — sometimes viciously — with your colleagues for assignments; you have no guaranteed income; you subject your best efforts to potential ridicule and rejection; you enjoy no paid vacation days, nor paid sick days; you carry all responsibility for calculating and paying your taxes not once, […]