February 14, 2016

Set Your Big, Bodacious Freelance Writing Goals for 2012

Specific, measurable goals allow you to monitor your progress effectively.

Can you name the one skill all freelancers, or any entrepreneur, must learn in order to achieve lasting success? You’ve got to get comfortable with setting big, bodacious, but achievable goals annually for your writing business. The goals must challenge you and, if you have one, your team; include a way to measure progress and […]

Take Your Writing from Fail to Festive by Ramping Up the Style

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  Designers and style-of-the-moment enthusiasts, alike, ramp-up their runways and closets as the seasons turn and sometimes in between. Do you adjust and tweak your writing style on a regular basis? If you don’t, you should. OK, I’ll admit that changing or adding a new writing style to your repertoire in concert with fickle US […]

Do Words Flow Through You and Onto the Page?


  Do your words flow through you, and out onto the page; like the notes flow though a jazz musician and out through their instrument? In essence, do you write with passion and conviction? Ernest Hemingway said this about writing: “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and […]