February 8, 2016

Get Out of the Doldrums and Get Writing

writers block

Last month I shared my way to bust writer’s block – to get the words flowing again. And to even feel good about your calling – to find success as an accomplished writer. Not just a writer, but an accomplished writer. But maybe you haven’t experienced that stage of writer’s block, yet. Perhaps you’re pretty […]

Freelance Writers – Your Mobile Office Just Got Way Cooler

virtual keyboard from ThinkGeek

Freelance writers all over the globe have sprung for iPads and iPhones to increase their mobility. An office that’s Location Independent represents the freelance writing way of life. But it gets a bit challenging to type on a small iPad keyboard when you’re sipping a delicious salted mocha latte, while working at the neighborhood Starbucks. […]

Six Word Pairs Commonly Misused by Freelance Writers and Others

freelance writers

Check out these six word pairs commonly confused and misused by freelance writers. Even the most experienced writers and journalists make mistakes on occasion. People frequently confuse affect and effect; lay, lie, lain, laid; capitol, capital; and principal, principle. But we wanted to go beyond the usual and share some equally important, yet often overlooked […]

What the Game of Thrones Can Teach Freelance Writers

cersei lannister

  Game of Thrones, the wildly popular HBO adaptation of the amazing book series, A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin, includes a lesson or two for freelance writers. Actually, other entrepreneurial bootstrappers could learn something from it as well. Whether you’ve read the books or become utterly obsessed with the series […]

Essential Ingredients for a Freelance Writing Resume

freelance writing resume

The essential ingredients for any resume — whether an architect, engineer, nurse, marketing manager or freelance writer career story — are the same: Captivating, focused Summary or Profile that crisply touts your value and is punctuated with meaty messages targeting your audience Metrics-enriched stories woven amidst a Performance Overview (Professional Experience) section that exude abilities […]

How to Create More Space in Your Small Home Office

closetfactory dot com

Most work-at-home professionals, like freelance writers, don’t have an extra room ready to convert into an awesome home office. Between kids, pets, spouse, etc., they have to make room for work wherever they can. Check out these cool tricks to maximize your space, and even save a bit of money. 1. Switch to a laptop […]

Create a Stellar Google Plus Business Page in a Snap

social media for business

All business owners, including freelance writers, need to learn how to create a Google plus business page to promote their services. Here’s why: with the increasing popularity of digital business and communication, the global business community has utilized the power and reaped the benefits associated with the Internet and its worldwide reach.  As more individuals […]

Build Your Brand From Your Mom Experience

the simple mom podcast

Editor’s Note: Since May is the month of moms, we decided to feature a post especially for mom freelancers. In June, the month of dads, we’ll give papas equal time with a feature of their own. Perhaps you are a new mom. You used to work for someone else and now you think you might […]

Seven Boss Ways to Improve Your New Writing Website

make money freelance wriitng

I recently wrote an article about the importance of building a brand for writers, inspired by my good friend and mentor (whether she realizes she mentors me or not), Laura Spencer of Writing Thoughts. One of the best ways to begin building brand awareness is to start a writer’s website. You can offer writing advice […]

Build Your Brand Like a Boss — For Freelance Writers

MissMe Jeans

Freelance writers need to build their personal brands. Whether you’re a freelance journalist, copywriter, editor, or candlestick maker, you and your products represent a brand – your brand. What brand of running shoe do you prefer? I like Nike. My favorite coffee? Starbucks. Favorite jeans? MissMe. Favorite computers? Apple (of course). You may recognize Nike, […]