February 13, 2016

Writers – Do You Have Economy of Statement?

Bradley Cooper in Limitless

As a writer, you (hopefully) want your audience to understand you. A good writer will lead his reader to his meaning by the most sure and direct route possible. And, if the reader chooses to take the time to read an article, she certainly hopes to derive some sort of valuable meaning from the writer’s […]

Get Up On Your Feet: Consequences of Sitting and Benefits of a Standing Desk

Hemingway at standing desk

As freelance writers, we spend most of our days sitting in a chair, chained to our desk, eyes glued to a computer screen, churning out words and sentences.  For most of us, passion compelled us to start a writing career; we love expressing our thoughts and feelings through the written word. But what if giving […]

Timeless Tips for Freelancing Dads

freelance writing dads

Ahhh…the joys of fatherhood.  Do you remember the day your children were born?  Do you recall feelings of excitement, happiness and anxiety all rolled into one?  I certainly do.  I was a bundle of emotions the moment I first held my bundle of joy. My son Zachary was born last year just one month after […]

On This Episode of Freelance Fear Factor — Freelance Writing from Home

juggling freelance mom

Working from home as a freelance writer and translator, while raising a 2-year-old, presents far more than just a challenge for me as a freelancer mom. It provides a real-life psychological and emotional test of my abilities to balance work and life. When you make certain life choices, you also make implied promises to yourself […]

2012 New Year SEO Predictions and Trends

Gaze into our crystal ball to learn 2012 SEO trends and forecasts.

Despite the algorithm switch-ups made by the good folks at Google every so often, the bare basics of SEO remain the same. As a freelance writer, you’ve still got to produce fresh, original content that delivers value to your reader. You’ve got to promote this unique, relevant product heavily and across multiple social media platforms. […]

Blowing the Beat: More Secrets of Pro Journalists Revealed

Yours truly conducting a remote interview with 2 radio shock jocks.

Oops! They did it again…more writing secrets revealed by FWD Dream Team Part II Why would you care about the techniques and activities professional news journalists go through to write news pieces? An ambitious freelance writer wants to move into discomfort with his or her craft. Stretching your writing muscles will help you grow your […]

What Every Freelance Writer Needs to Know About SEO

SEO copywriting - more than just inserting keywords.

SEO copywriting is one of the most sought-after forms of freelance web writing, and it’s also one of the most misunderstood. Pay rates for SEO copywriting can range anywhere from $3 per 500 word article to $2,000 for 300 words of optimized homepage copy (no joke), so suffice to say that it’s a freelance writing […]