February 13, 2016

Build Your Brand Like a Boss — For Freelance Writers

MissMe Jeans

Freelance writers need to build their personal brands. Whether you’re a freelance journalist, copywriter, editor, or candlestick maker, you and your products represent a brand – your brand. What brand of running shoe do you prefer? I like Nike. My favorite coffee? Starbucks. Favorite jeans? MissMe. Favorite computers? Apple (of course). You may recognize Nike, […]

3 Benefits to Starting a Freelance Writing Career on the Side

Strike the delicate balance between day job, relaxing, and building your writing business.

Pursuing your freelance writing dreams, like any other worthwhile endeavor, comes with plenty of hard work, surprises, and lessons to learn.  Even prior experience in the writing world can’t fully prepare you for running your own show. And while loads of valuable insight, information, and education awaits anyone with a library card and internet connection, […]