November 30, 2015

Successful Writers Always Write About Love

Successful writers write about love -- with love.

It’s absolutely true, successful writers write about love. I will even go one step further with this proclamation: successful writers only write about love. Before you blurt out (at the top of your lungs) a proclamation about how wrong I am, or a laundry list of countless other ways to write to disprove my obviously […]

Are You Imprisoned in the Badlands of Writing?

Stay away from the boring passive voice trap. Think action.

Make your escape from the badlands of writing by refusing to use clichés, uninspired ideas, tired topics, awkward sentences, passive voice, and boring organization formulas. Everyone has read about the fickle Web surfing reader’s attraction to how-to posts and love of lists. Take a break from your usual and commit to incorporate anecdotes, comparisons, and […]