February 8, 2016

Semicolons: Why Must They Be So Misunderstood?

semicolon usage

Freelance writers and copywriters everywhere must take pity on the poor misunderstood semicolon. Do you often find yourself wondering about the proper use of a semicolon? Ever ponder whether to insert a comma or the oft-shunned semicolon? How about knowing when to use a colon as opposed to our little half-breed cousin: the semicolon? We’re […]

How to Get Started in Content Marketing

content marketing small business

Want to know how to get started in content marketing? What does the phrase “content marketing” really mean? It’s a term that lots of people are bandying around lately. The phrase, content marketing, refers to developing and sharing valuable, relevant content that builds an audience while simultaneously building your business. Original Content Trumps Curation Every […]

We Except All Writing Accept Bad Writing

freelance writers just do it right

At All Media Freelance, the parent company of FWD, we always recommend that all freelancers—and this goes for bloggers, copywriters, photographers, small businesses–scope out the competition. Conducting industry-specific recon just makes good business sense. You’ll save money, time, and precious resources when you learn from the mistakes of those who came before you. Recently, on […]

Do Words Flow Through You and Onto the Page?


  Do your words flow through you, and out onto the page; like the notes flow though a jazz musician and out through their instrument? In essence, do you write with passion and conviction? Ernest Hemingway said this about writing: “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and […]

Want to Make Your Copy POP?

What would Michael Jackson do?

Give Your Readers Thriller Copy! It’s after midnight… You’re staring at the blank page on your screen… Your deadline knock-knock! knocking at your door.   What do these words mean?  You’ve read them more than once (or twice) before.  No, it’s not your imagination.  Every tone-deaf sales page sings about the “passion”, “commitment”, and “dedication to […]

Write with Your Third Eye Open

Wake up you third eye and awaken your intuitive writing ability.

You’ve chosen the topic and drafted a rough outline of your next article. Now you’ve got to get in the zone and write. Every writer knows about the zone – that place where the words flow easily and everything comes together to form a publishable piece. No writer finds that sweet spot every time they […]

Review – Sales Copy Master Class by Kent Austin

Buy an eBook, elevate your writing skill, and help save a life!

Kent Austin and I became acquainted through Twitter where he frequently posts his informative blog articles about all things copywriting and marketing. A couple of weeks ago, Austin honored me by asking if I’d have interest in reviewing his new eBook, Sales Copy Master Class. I happily agreed to go through the course and review […]