February 13, 2016

How to Be the King (or Queen) of Headlines

Lego king of headlines

I’ve written about how to write great headlines in the past, but haven’t shared any of my journalist secrets in quite some time. Increasingly, traditional journalists are turning to content marketing careers and the change fits them perfectly. Writing headlines for brands is a bit different than writing for straight news. I suppose it approaches […]

Top Last Minute Gifts for Content Marketers and Writers

watson guptill sketchbook

You’ve procrastinated and ruminated and dilly-dallied for weeks. Still, you don’t have gifts for the content marketer or writer in your life. Now you’re in a mental panic, sweat beading up on your brow (despite the cold) and you’re breathing rapidly, almost hyperventilating. Calm down. Breathe in a paper bag or something. Writers and content […]