February 6, 2016

How to Get Started in Content Marketing

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Want to know how to get started in content marketing? What does the phrase “content marketing” really mean? It’s a term that lots of people are bandying around lately. The phrase, content marketing, refers to developing and sharing valuable, relevant content that builds an audience while simultaneously building your business. Original Content Trumps Curation Every […]

Blog Your Best to Avoid the Mess – A Technique

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Are you ready to start blogging and have your freelance writing read around the globe? Do you have tons of ideas that would fit into your blog, but don’t know which to choose? Or maybe you want to focus on a particular niche? Have you been blogging for a while, but feel the need to […]

Seven Boss Ways to Improve Your New Writing Website

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I recently wrote an article about the importance of building a brand for writers, inspired by my good friend and mentor (whether she realizes she mentors me or not), Laura Spencer of Writing Thoughts. One of the best ways to begin building brand awareness is to start a writer’s website. You can offer writing advice […]

Social Media – What Is It Good For?

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What is social media good for — besides acting as a platform for freelance writers and others to promote themselves and their wares? The short answer? A lot. What does “a lot” really mean? Much more than merely reuniting with your high school class or making that ex-BF realize, at long last, that he missed […]

Tips for Using Your Own Photos on Your Freelance Writing Site

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We generally use stock photos to deepen the message woven in the words of the posts on Freelance Writing Dreams. But I’ve experimented with using my own photographs – not always with a professional-looking result — a few times (see examples here and here) and several times on the Medtopicwriter site. My photography skills have […]

Freelance Writing Dreams Wins Best Copywriting Blog at World Media Awards

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Friday evening, February 24th, I checked my email one last time before closing shop for the night. Dragonslayer and I planned to go out and terrorize some high school aged waiter at one of the finer local sushi bars. It was our fifth anniversary and what better way to celebrate than with sashimi and sake bombs? […]

Recipes for Great Writing and Why I Feel Like a Rockstar

ann-tran.com blog recipe

When Ann Tran – yes, the Ann Tran – asked me to share my thoughts about the ingredients that make up a great blog post, I had to clutch my electronic devices tighter than ever. She planned to ask several top freelance writers and bloggers about their recipe for making a winning blog post. Needless […]

7 Ways to “Bring Back That Lovin’ Feeling” to Your Writing

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Are you a freelance writer?  Do you feel burnt out at times?  Have you lost that lovin’ feeling when it comes to your writing? As a professional freelance writer your job requires that you write even when you don’t feel like it.  You’ve got bills to pay, deadlines to meet and clients to please.  You […]

Monetize Your Blog Using a Sales Funnel

Monetize your blog successfully, using the sales funnel model.

If you’re considering monetizing your blog, use a proven strategy, such as the sales funnel. Monetize your blog and related content effectively by turning your content into a sales funnel. The sales funnel represents a key concept to keep in mind when monetizing your online content. The content sales funnel focuses entirely on your target […]

Make 2012 Your Best Year For Writing Yet

Manage chaos and turmoil in your life to keep your writing on track. (image: cnn.com)

You may not feel you’re ready for it, but you can make 2012 your very best year for writing, yet. And even better, you may already possess all the skills you need to make it happen. Piqued your interest? Great! That positive response shows you’re on the right track to actually making this your best […]