February 10, 2016

Successful Writers Always Write About Love

Successful writers write about love -- with love.

It’s absolutely true, successful writers write about love. I will even go one step further with this proclamation: successful writers only write about love.

Before you blurt out (at the top of your lungs) a proclamation about how wrong I am, or a laundry list of countless other ways to write to disprove my obviously naïve statement, let me add one little word to my declaration.

It’ll serve as the epoxy that ties this all together for eternity. 

That word is ‘with’. Not only do successful writers write about love, they write with (and even, must write with) love.

You can’t bake a cake without flour

In everything you do, and in all aspects of life, there is one key ingredient in all you endeavor. Sometimes it’s greed; sometimes it’s anger. Sometimes it’s joy (personal or delivered); sometimes it’s sadness and fear. Some of the greatest works ever accomplished came from the blues, or desperation.

But even those negative emotions and reasons have roots originating from one thing: love. People feel the negative emotion because they want to get back to the other emotion — love. We feel sad because we aren’t happy. We feel angry because things don’t go our way, or we aren’t doing something we love.

What that means to you as a writer

Let me remind you of a couple of age-old axioms here: “The pen is mightier than the sword” and “Speaking with a fork-ed tongue”. You may succeed in getting a point across using hatred and vitriol, but you will pay the ultimate price in the end.

The ultimate price? Your ability to garner any audience at all, much less hold or build one. Isn’t that your prime responsibility as a writer — as a scribe — to take the thoughts of man and place them on paper, for others to share in their inherent knowledge?

Take the high road – love

The Beatles knew this and they banked success.

Dr. Wayne Dyer wrote, “Love what you are doing, and then sell the love.” He didn’t qualify that. Indeed, it’s much too powerful a statement to qualify it at all. It is a universal instruction, one of life’s hidden gems.

In writing, as in everything else, if you don’t ultimately take the high road, the one heading for that expression of love, you will fail. You can slay dragons, right injustices, cure every ill the world offers. But if you do it for any other reason whatsoever than love, you will fail in the long run.

You can capture the essence of your dissatisfaction of something with sharp, rapier wit and words pointed and barbed. But unless your ultimate goal is to help others, to keep them from harm and danger, and share the problem through love, you will not enjoy lasting success.

People will see your writing as a tirade. Or they may even brush you off as a maniac, one not worthy of reading past your first statement filled with sensationalism and grandstanding. And your audience will flee. They may even outright attack you, as I’ve witnessed before.

Herein lies the air to breathe in to your writing… 

…to bring it to life

We all need love, same as we do the very air we breathe. We seek love, we relish in the moments of love. And most importantly, we are drawn to love in our lives like moths to a flame. Only, this flame only warms the very recesses of our souls, it will not burn us.

Successful writers know this. True masters know that every crafting of words, every illustration by way of word pictures, must paint a portrait of love. Love — both for ourselves, and for others. As Dr. Dyer pointed out, we must feel the love, see the love, and indeed, be love.

Then and only then can we share that love — by way of our craft — and through the very words our love embodies.


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About Gibson Goff

I'm a Freelance Writer, Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner, and an avid traveler. I specialize in the Self-Help market with a focus on personal success, and positive motivation. I also enjoy writing for the travel market, sharing my experiences so that others might enjoy them as well. My passion is writing positive, uplifiting and inspiring messages for everyone. You can follow my work at www.GibsonGoff.com


  1. Great post Gibson! I whole heartedly agree, and as you most likely know being the traveler that you are, no matter where you go on this planet, the greatest desire any person has is to be loved and accepted!
    You have to have a passion (love) in order for the true perfume to seep out and inspire the reader or listener. If there is passion, everyone will come out to lend an ear! I enjoyed you post! Keep up the love!
    Rusty recently posted..The Minefield Of The MindMy Profile

    • Thanks for those very generous comments, Rusty!

      You reminded me of something very valuable – I indeed notice how far love stretches when I get to meet new folks when traveling. As a matter of fact – when I’m really in the doldrums, I travel, meet someone news, and focus on their story.

      My worries and sadness melts away.

      We’re all in this together, and i’m glad you joined the conversation! Wishing you all the best!

  2. Hi Gib,

    I just had to comment on your great post here. So given this concept, even someone who writes purely about politics, or in a journalistic fashion about the news, writes with and about love. In other words, whether your writing contains straight words, not associated directly with love, it’s really about love in the end. I like it. It’s thought-provoking and requires lots of pondering. I’ve thought about this concept off and on ever since you posted it.

    Great job, Gib!

    Samantha Gluck recently posted..Secrets of Writing Seductive Headlines that SizzleMy Profile

    • You nailed the concept perfectly, Samantha. Our writing (if we are any good) is literally an extension of our personalities. No one wants to be around sour pusses. But someone that makes you feel worthy, and loved? We’re naturally drawn to them. Because it mirrors our love.

      Have you ever read a news piece from some war ravaged little corner of the world, and noticed the writers use of the human element, the root being love? We felt what they felt, we were there on the streets with them – because they wrote from love.

      And since you were compelled to reconsider it, and to leave comments, I can tell it stirred those feelings in you. (Pssssst: It’s the only way YOU know how to write! Remember, I read your stuff. :-) ).

      GREAT writers (like you), always write about love. . .

  3. Great post Gibson, I’ll go further and say that passion is the key. Love feels a bit wishy-washy to me sometimes, maybe it’s the Scorpio side of me. All writers need to be passionate about their livelihood or hobby of writing as sometimes the only result is happiness at reading your own work. Love what you do and who you are and hopefully, others will follow!

  4. I think writing, no matter the topic, becomes writing about love when it’s written about love. And as far as I’m concerned, there is so much to mastering the craft that if you don’t love, there’s no point in doing it. Good thing I love it with all my heart and soul! Thanks for a great post.
    Charlotte Rains Dixon recently posted..Hallmarks of a Good Writing IdeaMy Profile

    • You nailed it, Charlotte! If you don’t instinctively, deep down love, and then allow that to come through in your writing your article will unravel like a cheap suit in a wind storm. ;-)

      Thanks for the comments!

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