February 6, 2016

Social Media – What Is It Good For?

scars r sexy freelance writing

Turn your imperfections into your perfection.

What is social media good for — besides acting as a platform for freelance writers and others to promote themselves and their wares?

The short answer? A lot.

What does “a lot” really mean? Much more than merely reuniting with your high school class or making that ex-BF realize, at long last, that he missed the boat. Everyday, in ways big and small, SM is a force for positive change.

What is it good for? 

We’re glad you asked.  It means that social media has helped at least one person (and probably more) find a life-saving kidney from a donor. It means that women in Africa can find relief from an easily cured ailment known as obstetric fistula. It means people everywhere can connect, collaborate, and combine their resources and talents to change the world – for the better.

Freelance Writing, Social Media, and Scars

Earlier this year, my company, All Media Freelance, LLC, signed on with Amy Tippins of Rock Scar Love to head up the branding and positioning of her national Scars R Sexy campaign. Tippins, in collaboration with co-founding organization, Live Wright Society, set the campaign to launch in May 2012.

We’re asking people from all walks of life – every ethnicity, socio-economic status, education level, and everything in between – to share their scar stories and post them on social media. You can Tumblr it, Stumble it, Tweet it, G+ it, Digg it, Facebook it – whatever floats your boat.

No scar is too small.  Whether your scars are immediately visible and physical or emotional and personal, we know they leave they their mark.  After you post your scar story, tell us about it over at the Scars R Sexy Facebook fan page, so we can link to it.

We’ve gotten several celebrities to get involved and are adding to the star-studded scar ranks daily. We’ll reveal more about our participating celebs at the official launch in May.

Scars R Sexy? Seriously?

Seriously. Get empowered by your scars and turn your imperfections into your absolute perfection. Your scars tell the stories of your lives—the highs and the lows, triumphs, defeats, hopes and dreams. Learn more about how freelancers can pay it forward and become empowered, rather than encumbered, by their scars on the Scars R Sexy website and by reading one of Amy’s moving scar stories: I Am My Brother’s Keeper and He Is Mine.

Rock Your Scar. Pay It Forward.

A question from Sam and Amy: Who would you like to see – from the blogging and social media world — in a Scars R Sexy t-shirt? Brian Clark? Darren Rowse? Pete Cashmore (you know we can get him)? Who?

About Samantha Gluck

Not only am I the chief editor of this multi-author online magazine, I'm a content creator and social media marketing strategist with a background in journalism, finance, & healthcare. I began my content marketing agency, All Media Freelance, LLC, in 2010 and lead a well-rounded, talented team of multi-channel content strategists and niche writers. I've developed and managed print and digital content projects for health care, fitness, financial services, mental health, non-profit, and automotive publishers, as well as for biotechnology brands.


  1. I am proud of you girls getting involved in initiatives that matter and I love your “joint” profile. Realls rocks. I have come across Scars R Sexy from a tweet of yours and I thought the name was bold. I guess helping others is “bold” nowadays! I hope the very best with this endeavour. It is absolutely worthwhile.
    XOXOXO Magda

    • Thanks, Magda! You can get involved too. Just tell your scar story in a video or by writing it out and posting it on your FB page. You can also share it on the Scars R Sexy FB page. We’ll be awarding the best “Scar Story” video creator with an iPad 2 when the campaign ends. We’ll have to verify each story and then the fans will vote on the best one.

      Amy Tippins can also send you some Scars R Sexy tattoos and would even send you a t-shirt. You could then get the 200 signatures on that t-shirt (have each person that signs take a photo in the shirt using their cell phone or camera and ask them to post it on the SRS FB page as well as their own). Once you get the 200 signatures, you send the shirt back to us. You could take this thing world wide girlfriend!

  2. What an awesome idea and way to share via social media. I’ll have to start sharing it around. I visited the site and found it and her SO inspiring.
    Lisa recently posted..Grateful For Guest Bloggers And The Blog To Go OnMy Profile

    • Thanks Lisa! The Prof and I are really excited to be a part of this amazing campaign. I’m so glad you visited her site and learned more about Amy Tippins. She’s been such an inspiration to me and to all of us who’ve become involved in this endeavor. I encourage you to share your scar story on the SRSexy FB page and your own with a link to their FB page for a chance to win an iPad2 once the campaign ends. XO

  3. Scars are indicators of struggles we had in life. We can’t be what we are today if we did not experience those events we had that made us stronger.
    Helen Muller recently posted..4 Chic Ways to Celebrate Earth DayMy Profile

    • You are so right, Helen, and thank you for taking the time to stop by. I hope you choose to share your scar story with us on the Scars R Sexy fan page! I look forward to seeing you here at FWD again as well. XO

  4. Truly inspirational! Many people, especially teens and women, feel self-conscious about their scars. Anything that can be done to uplift people so they feel good about themselves is a good thing. We need more positive vibes in the world today!
    Amandah recently posted..Comment on How to Write Your Writer’s Personal Statement in 3 Easy Steps by Amandah BlackwellMy Profile

    • Thank you, Amandah, for your kind words. My life’s mission is to help and uplift people who are shackled by the ideals of society and by their own fears and experiences. I’m raising my beautiful children to pay it forward as well.

      Again, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment, Amandah. XO

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