February 10, 2016

Review – Sales Copy Master Class by Kent Austin

Buy an eBook and help save a life!

Kent Austin and I became acquainted through Twitter where he frequently posts his informative blog articles about all things copywriting and marketing. A couple of weeks ago, Austin honored me by asking if I’d have interest in reviewing his new eBook, Sales Copy Master Class. I happily agreed to go through the course and review it for him. As a freelance writer, health care journalist, and business owner, I thoroughly enjoy honing and improving my writing skill. So, why not take the opportunity to learn from an industry leader?

Although I got started in the freelance writing business as a professional copywriter, I never received any real training in the craft of writing sales copy. While my career has taken a turn toward journalistic-style writing and ghostwriting, I still frequently write sales copy for clients and for products and services associated with my freelance writing company. I want to produce the very best copy possible for my clients and for myself, so I began going through Austin’s Sales Copy Master Class in earnest.

Taking the Written Word to New Heights

I regularly download eBooks. While some of them contain aesthetically pleasing layouts and provide relevant content that fits my needs, the majority of eBooks I have downloaded contain awkward layouts, poor use of graphics and even a few glaring typos (poor editing). The appealing layout and easy to read format of the eBook delivered the first surprise of this review process. In fact, the downloaded version looked quite similar to a traditional hardcover book, complete with a fully designed cover, author page, well-organized table of contents, and introduction.

Review of Sales Copy Master Class

Many of you reading this make money online through freelance writing. You may wonder, “Why should I spend good money on an eBook about writing sales copy?” Believe it or not, every time you write online content, you are writing sales copy – selling your writing skills and knowledge. This eBook goes through the sales copy writing process step-by-step. Learning to write effective sales copy can help you write better articles, news stories, and anything else! The principles laid out in the Sales Copy Master Class apply to all types of writing with just a few adjustments. Take a look at a snapshot of what you will learn:

  • Four rules of great copy: Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action (AIDA)
  • The most important rule of copywriting – SHOW. DON’T TELL. How to show instead of telling when writing copy.
  • Create a unique selling proposition (USP) that rises above the rest
  • The importance of conveying benefits rather than features
  • Learn how to write killer headlines and what makes a headline powerful.
  • Types of headlines: direct, direct question, indirect question, command, announcement, promise valuable information
  • Proper use of sub-headlines and images and what they should convey
  • The importance of writing about your potential client’s pain and not about you
  • Generate the interest and desire of readers through your sales copy writing skills
  • Techniques that set a professional apart from the amateur
  • Ways to capitalize on your readers’ emotions to invoke action
  • How to craft a call to action about your offers that readers feel compelled to follow
  • How to write a sales letter that gets results and causes the right type of attention, interest, and desire
  • Includes a tried and true sales letter writing process that gets results
  • Learn the necessary steps required before beginning a project that will give you the confidence and authority you need to write effective sales copy.
  • Targeted exercises at the end of each section that build upon one another.

My Favorite Things About the eBook

I loved the exercises at the end of each section. Learn something new everyday to succeed in business and life in general. The exercises target the very areas every copywriter needs to hone.

Every copy of Sales Copy Master Class downloads with bonus files that you don’t want to miss. The bonus files contain a Google AdWords guide that explains pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and everything that goes with it. Learn about budgeting, how to choose PPC ads, ad placement, and more. Austin also included an amazing swipe file. Newbie and veteran copywriters alike can adapt this sales swipe file to their own needs to jump-start their copy sales and authority. Improve your passive income bottom line and create custom sales letters using Austin’s swap file for even greater impact.

I also loved the reasonable price point of $47! Wow! I just purchased a different kind of eBook from one of my writing heroes at a price of $189. Austin’s eBook offers the same level of value and knowledge; albeit, a different subject matter for less than half the price.

Try the first chapter free of charge. Once you go through the initial lessons in the first chapter, you’ll definitely buy the entire book. Alternatively, buy the entire book for $5 and pay the balance of $42 within 21 days. Whichever you choose, you’ll thank me for it later!

Buy the book. Do it for your dreams and for your passion. By purchasing the book through our affiliate link, 50% of all proceeds will go to the Jesse Petersen Cystic Fibrosis Transplant Fund. Jesse needs to raise $30,000 to get a life-saving transplant. Take your writing to new heights while saving a life. For people like you and me, it doesn’t get better than that.

What I Didn’t Like About My Experience with the eBook

I’ve written stories, articles, copy, and various paid assignments all of my life, even before I took the full-time freelance plunge. As a young girl, aged 12 or so, I edited and virtually rewrote my mother’s thesis paper for her Master of Arts degree.

While I know that my writing can always stand a lesson or two, especially from a master like Kent Austin, taking the course opened my eyes to how much more I actually have to learn. To write effectively, one must constantly embrace change and the dynamic nature of public taste. I have gone through the course two times, so far, and have learned valuable lessons about my writing hang-ups, my career, and myself.

It made me uncomfortable to see that I allowed myself to become complacent when it comes to improving my writing. Therein lies the rub – I must do what makes me uncomfortable to become, once again, comfortable.

Buy the book and free yourself from writer complacency and help Jesse raise funds to cover the costs of his transplant.

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