February 9, 2016

Monetize Your Blog Using a Sales Funnel

If you’re considering monetizing your blog, use a proven strategy, such as the sales funnel. Monetize your blog and related content effectively by turning your content into a sales funnel. The sales funnel represents a key concept to keep in mind when monetizing your online content.

Monetize your blog successfully, using the sales funnel model.

The content sales funnel focuses entirely on your target customers. First and foremost, start with quality material. Write content that has potential to spread and that readers can share with ease. And in all of your interactions, focus on building trust first and making the sale second. Trust is vital for making any sale, and even more important for making repeat sales.

Sample Sales Funnel

Remember, the best way to attract clients all the way through the sales funnel involves developing a mutual trust via your written content. Well-written content can take your sales to new heights.

Opt-in Facebook Marketing: Create a Facebook Fan Page with useful content about your product, service, or business. Remember, you create your customer base here. Create and share relevant content and engage meaningfully with your potential and current clients.

Create Awareness: Focus on creating awareness of your business brand and associated products. Your potential customers need to know about your product before they can consider buying. Highlight current company projects and use case studies to build awareness.

Educate: Your potential customers want fresh, new, and better ways to accomplish their goals and solve problems. Well-written content that describes your products and services in a simple, easy to digest format represents a good way to build trust and move readers through the sales funnel. Always make it user-friendly and fresh, so that you build a strong reputation.

Action: Action gets results. Active content works like a buyer’s guide and is specifically designed to increase sales. While creating action-oriented content, clearly and concisely convey how your customers will benefit from your products and services. This action focused content will help secure your sales.

Repeat Engagement: Keep it going. This goes back to thinking about content as a circle. You want people to talk about the content they get from you. Enable your satisfied customers to share their experiences about your products and services. Design a place online, like a chat forum or a comment location on your website. Include a call to action in your content asking customers to re-engage with you and other potential customers even after the purchase.

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