April 23, 2014

iPhone 5S and iOS 7 – The S Stands for Sexy

best things about iOS 7 and iPhone 5SOne of the best things about technology and the social media community is that it’s so easy to work from anywhere you like. I have a well-organized home office with two brand new 27-inch iMac desktops, so I do most of my intense content creation, journalistic writing, and video conferences right from my standing desk. But I like a change of scenery when I’m implementing a client’s social media campaign or engaging on social media myself. This means that I do at least a portion of my daily work somewhere other than my home office.

iPhone 5S and iOS 7 – Bringing Sexy Back

The Dragonslayer and I each got a new iPhone 5S this past Friday – the day the much-awaited new version hit stores. He surprised me with it and I was so excited, I made out with him like a teenager right there in my home office. Of course, they came loaded with iOS 7. I had been reading the comments and thoughts others had about the new iOS for days prior. I didn’t want to download it on my old iPhone 4 because it was cracked on its last leg. As I read both the negative and positive things people said about the new software, I didn’t know what to think. It’s hard to sift through the rabidly acrimonious commentary of the mindless “Apple haters” and those who really had constructive criticism of the new OS.

Alas, all my worry was for naught. Not only do I love the iPhone 5S, iOS 7 rocks my mobile office world! I came across this story on Mashable by Samantha Murphy Kelly listing the 16 best things about iOS 7. She dishes on the lightening-fast email, preview of open apps, pages within folders (no more cluttered home screen), the slick new look, and more. I haven’t used an iPhone 5 – my old phone was a plain ol’ iPhone 4 – but the 5S has a totally badass camera and video. It comes with cool filters, a slow motion video function, panoramic photo option and it takes amazing photos, which you can edit right in the built-in camera app. Brilliant!

Four Crucial Privacy Settings for iOS 7 

I did enable four crucial privacy settings that Jason D. O’Grady (@jasonogrady) says you should turn on immediately in iOS 7. I suggest you do the same…that is, if you care about things like privacy and security. O’Grady’s twitter profile says he’s a journalist, author, and raconteur. He had me at raconteur. We’ve gotta stick together, ya know!

And just to be fair, I’m also linking to Samantha Murphy Kelly’s Mashable story, The 11 Worst Things about iOS 7. Although, I don’t really think these 11 things present much of a problem, except, maybe, the charger issues.

Did you download iOS 7 when it became available, or did you get a new iPhone 5S? What do look like most and least about it? Share your sparkle with us.

Photo credit: Mashable, of course.

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