November 24, 2015

How to Make Your Post More Attractive and Readable

That’s a good question – actually how do you make your posts more attractive and, thus, readable? This problem arises when you know how to publish your content using the post editor, but without knowing how it works. You’re a good writer, but your readers might not notice your great message if you don’t learn how to perform the most basic tweaks on your post template. Above all, the most important part of your blog is not the header or sidebar; it’s your post’s main body.

As I step inside FWD, I want to write a series of posts about “tweaking your template”. Let’s make the process simple, it’s not necessary to know how HTML works; let’s take advantage of the richness of your post editor.

wordpress post editor

How to Start?

It all starts when you think you’re ready to hit the publish button. Are you sure you want to publish it? After you have finished proofreading, you need to do a little makeover so that it will become more readable, more attractive, and more tempting. Use the preview button! You preview your post to proofread it further, to check misspelled words, etc. And you preview your post to make sure it will attract you. Does your message emerge? Or does the precious idea get buried somewhere within the post?

A Readable, Attractive and Tempting Post

  • emphasizes the main idea
  • make use of the sub-headings
  • list ideas in bullets or image markers
  • use block quote when citing quotations
  • use quality graphics and enhanced screenshots

writing tips


Let’s Get Started with the Basics

  1. How can you emphasize your main idea? You can entice your readers to read further by giving them a reason to do so when simply looking your post. Emphasize main ideas by placing them in a box, or present them in a bullet list or using image markers, which I call a “tweaked list” post. By doing so, you give readers a direct presentation or summary of your post.
  2. Sub-headings are important. It’s different than just using bold face type on your text. Style headings will emphasize your sub-titles.
  3. There are several types of posts. List type posts are popular — like writing about a top 10 tips or tools. But you can also include a list in your typical article. If you write a long article, using a list will give your readers an easy way to pick up the most important part of it. I hate being lost in the midst of the crowds. Or just like the saying – “Do not drown your readers in the sea of words.”
  4. Use the block quote function to include citations. By doing this, we can customize the post to make it more visually appealing just like I did.
  5. Quality graphics make a difference. It’s always good to use original photos, but you can also download free images. Always remember to respect copyrights. In other words, place an attribution link somewhere in the post. To avoid passing your PR Juice, use “nofollow” tag. You can also upload some screenshots as well, especially for tutorial purposes – very resourceful – and you can customize it further.

customized headings


How to Customize Screenshots?

This post primarily serves as an introduction for covering the basics, but I will give you some hints:

  • Open a photo editor
  • Go to the desired page and press Alt + Print Screen
  • Paste it (CTRL + V) to the editor
  • Crop the image (tip: use the window realism concept by picking up 1, 2 or 3 object of the screenshot to include in your post… do not use the entire shot)
  • Resize it, but take note – image sizes are important. All you need to know: it will “become” a part of your content
  • You can insert pictures, objects, numbers, lines, or text within your screenshot
  • Name your screenshot, an important keyword will do and save it
  • Upload to your post and make it SEO friendly by using “rel” and “title” tags

list type blog post


Please share your own tips with us, so we can try them too.

About Prime Aque

Prime Aque is a blogger who passionately writes about how to blog tips and tools simplified for new bloggers. Through his experience, he have created and designed a professional template which become the official template of his blog. Learn various ìhow toî formats, follow him on twitter @ WeLearn4Life.


  1. Nice tips, sub headings are great. I’ve been using them more myself, they make it much easier to read a post and Google likes them too – you can’t lose with sub headings.

    I like seeing at least one image when I land on a blog and a typeface that doesn’t me squint is a plus.
    Lisa recently posted..World Bloggers Award Passing Of The TorchMy Profile

    • Hello Lisa, thanks for the comments. I’ve been there at your blog for few times and your posts are appealing, they can easily catch my attention, I also love your style of list!

      Most of my posts consists of an image only, but if you are talking about tutorial, you need to present your readers 2 or more screenshots to guide them to follow the correct procedures.

      And of course, we can tweak screenshots a little bit… :)

      Prime Aque recently posted..Free Web Resources that Analyze Your Blog TrafficMy Profile

  2. Great tips. I use sub headings and bullet points and keep sentences simple and short. Also, I aim for a Flesch-Kincaid score of 65 and above. I’ll use a block quote here and there, but I’m trying to incorporate ‘tweetable’ quotes of 160 characters or less.

  3. Thanks Amandah, wow the idea of ‘tweetable’ characters is great! So I guess we can add some piece of code for direct sharing too like meebo, are you using that? I have tried that before, and guess when someone highlight your quote (which is tweetable) they can easily be tweeted just right there at your post… no going out.

  4. This post should be required reading for all the folks who start their own website and post content on a regular basis. I know even the best websites out there could use a little tweaking now and then to make them more visually appealing. Thanks for the post.

    • I agree, Michael. Prime offers tips that even a TechNO like me can accomplish. They’re especially helpful when writing articles in the how-to format.

      • Hello there Michael, thank you for that. Yeah, because blog design is one of the important factors of a successful blog! It’s like organizing your office, keeping it clean for you to work well. I believe that everything in our blog design must be proportioned, I visit some quality blogs but somehow their designs would just subtract the usefulness of it’s contents in general, specially people like me who always judge something first at its cover!

        Hello Samantha, I am back and I want to hear something from you about free lance writing! I guess this is my home, I mean the online money making! I am currently studying now and taking accountancy but I guess my heart belongs to the “web” and here I am back! And ready to work with you again!
        Prime Aque recently posted..How to Increase Neobux Earnings Fast – 2012 Guide plus Referral BonusMy Profile

        • I’m preparing to write you an email right now, Prime! So good to see you back. You’ve got to follow your heart. That is one of the necessities on the path to true happiness.

          • It’s a long time I guess that I haven’t visited here Samantha, and today I just have a good timing. Anyway, there are few changes in my career here, since I stop at Accountancy course to focus online, I also retired my blog SB, and redirected it to COD, a more planned blog about making money online. And, I do not forget about my promise to write more guest posts for you… in fact, since I have retired SB, I will write more contents about blog designing here! Since my experiences for web-designing has been updated, LOL, by accepting some clients requests to redesign wordpress blogs!

            Prime Aque recently posted..Smart Tips to Expand Your Online BusinessMy Profile

  5. People could definitely just look at the way you set-up this post. There are headings and sections and it is split down so it is easy to read.

    Personally, I will not read large blocks of text that are not split up. Plus, I enjoy images, lists, and other methods besides a large paragraph.

    Thanks for your information I am always working on making my blog more readable.
    Corey Will recently posted..Make Money Blogging in 2013My Profile

    • Hi Corey,

      Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words. Prime did a great job on this post. He’s such a wonderful blogger and definitely knows how to arrange an attractive post. I agree with you about not reading posts with large blocks of unbroken text. If I wanted that, I’d read a book.

      I hope to see you around here more often. ~Samantha

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