February 7, 2016

How SEO Writing Will Kill Your Voice

Endless SEO writing may bring profits, but you'll lose your unique voice in the process. (photo credit: helpingchurchleaders.com)

Cranking out endless three hundred word SEO articles may be affording you enough profit to pay your bills. But is it doing harm to your writing style, your voice and ultimately your longevity as a writer?

Let’s look at SEO articles through a couple of lenses and try to draw some conclusions. Let’s compare an SEO article to a book report, and to a report done in a technical writing style.

The SEO article, by nature of it’s desired outcome must include specific keywords, or keyword density related to the topic. Much like the theme of a book report must refer to the book. And again, the technical writing formatted report must specifically cover the topic at hand. With both of these, you have very little leeway to personalize the content. It has to fit the subject, period.

With both specific writing assignments there is no room for editorializing or for bringing out certain segments of the article for wider appeal. Get the topic, the word count and the due date and you are left to filling in the blanks. Repetition, repetition, repetition. The kind of repetition that your subconscious mind thrives on in learning a skill. And then becomes the dominant actions when completing a like task.

As writers we struggle to become known in the freelance market, and to then secure repeat clients and assignments. If you are known as a writer that can crank out SEO material, are you the writer a client would want for a ghostwriting assignment? Or for a story about the history of a family, or an organization? Or even a how-to piece?

If you’re used to writing highly gleaned, topic specific pieces, a how-to assignment will probably be so dry the reader will lose interest long before they learn the how-to you’re trying to show.

There are humor writers, mystery writers, non-fiction writers and novelists. To compete in their market they must have a voice, and a salable product. To write in the strict ‘three keywords in the opening and closing paragraphs’ and fill in the rest provides a needed service. But it will never provide a personalized product containing the voice, and passion the author intended.




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I'm a Freelance Writer, Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner, and an avid traveler. I specialize in the Self-Help market with a focus on personal success, and positive motivation. I also enjoy writing for the travel market, sharing my experiences so that others might enjoy them as well. My passion is writing positive, uplifiting and inspiring messages for everyone. You can follow my work at www.GibsonGoff.com


  1. Sorry for my ignorance, but what is SEO writing?

    • Samantha Gluck says:

      Hi Lisa! It’s something every writer who posts on the Internet and hopes to share thoughts with a variety of readers needs to know. Also, people (and writers) who sell things from their sites or blogs need a fair number of readers and visitors so as to sell them their great offerings. SEO writing helps these people find your blog or website. Check out the category entitled SEO Savvy right here on Freelance Writing Dreams for basics and tips. So glad to see you here!


    • Hi Lisa. Thanks for the read. The theme of this article is the practice of writing for SEO as Samantha described it. When farming out freelance writing for SEO clients the focus is how many times the keywords and phrases are put in the articles, for the search engines to see.

      Some of the resulting work is so choppy it’s like they cut out the sentences and just glued them all back together, without regard for structure or readability. Search engines search, not read, so they don’t have to read anything that makes sense.

      I have writing friends that crank out 10-15, sometimes 20 of these put-together articles a day. So when it’s time to write very creative, engaging stuff, guess what happens?

      SEO may pay the bills, but it’s like paint-by-numbers. They’re paintings, but not art.

      Thanks for the question Lisa, and glad you stopped by. Wishing you all the best!

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