February 13, 2016

How Do You Manifest Those Freelance Writing Dreams?

law of attraction

Use the Law of Attraction to achieve your dreams.

We all have dreams and desires. Some of them, more lofty than others. And, some of us actually do something with them.

Yet, many do nothing with them, other than dream. The standard bill-of-fare for achieving in this world – hard work, more hard work, even more hard work, and a great big lucky break – strongly drives me, like many, away.

I see that much work in anything, and I grab a beer and go find a picnic table by the bay. That last part, the big lucky break, is a real game changer as well. The ‘big lucky break’ is what gives us the impression that success is only for the next guy.

Just like winning the $200 Million lottery. You really have to be lucky!

Success and the Law of Attraction

Don’t get me wrong here, I am not saying you shouldn’t work. Quite the opposite. We do have to work. We do have to create. And in doing so, we create life experiences that lead to wisdom, insight, and ultimately, success.

But, keeping your nose to the grindstone will just give you a flat face.

The key, as everyone has heard at least once in their lives, is to work smarter, not harder. That’s where supercharging your efforts through manifestation, and the Law of Attraction comes in.

Law of Attraction Helps Hone Core Skills

Writing, like anything thing else, is a skill you can learn. And, since it’s a skill, you can utilize the Law of Attraction to become better at it — to help you learn it the easiest and best way possible. And, to be your very best at it.

It’s all a matter of where you place your focus. The Law of Attraction is a universal law that says what you think about the most, what you focus on the most, becomes real in your life. That what you worry about, what makes you happy, what makes you scared or what brings you great comfort, will increase in your life. Both in the physical, and the non-physical sense.

It all boils down to our intentions and attention. Where you place your intentions and awareness determines what is attracted into your physical, day to day life. So, how does that apply to your writing, specifically? And how can you achieve success in your freelance writing endeavors?

Law of Attraction Can Remedy Writer’s Block and Land Clients

You can achieve success in your writing in many ways. You can use the Law of Attraction to have the words come to you and flow effortlessly onto the page. You can use it to secure new clients. To find better ways to complete an assignment. Or to overcome any obstacle and finish that manuscript you’ve been writing.

The easiest way to do this involves a simple, two step process. The first, cerebral. And the second, physical. Taking action and putting the Law of Attraction to work for you.

Law of attraction writing

Write a list of positive outcomes for issues.

The first step involves gathering all the issues you have (or don’t have) with your project or idea and setting them aside. That’s right, gather up all the worries, the problems you face, the blocks and the circumstances, and chuck them!

Don’t misunderstand me. I know denial is not only a river in Jordan. All those issues, those problems and worries, are still there. But we’re going to go past them. We are answer finders, not problem solvers. The problems will work themselves out, when you know what it is you want.

Remember, the key to the Law of Attraction is what you place your focus on. What you think about the most, manifests in your life. So let’s look at the answers!

If it will help you keep track, you can even write all these issues down as you think of them. Go ahead, get them out of your system. Leave a lot of white space between each one.

Now after each issue, after writing it down or formulating it in your mind, think immediately of the perfect, positive outcome to each issue. For instance, an issue may be that it’s so noisy in your house that you can’t focus on writing very well.

Draw a line through that! Erase that from your head!

Focus instead on, “I am so focused on my writing that I don’t hear any distractions.” Also, “I write freely and effortlessly.” And, “It’s a joy to write, it makes me happy!”

Take each issue, as you formulate it in your mind, and replace it immediately with the positive, reversal of the problem.

Affirmations Become Reality

That brings us to the second, primarily physical step. That is, reading aloud your affirmations that you formulate. Each one of the positive answers and outcomes to those issues that you identified becomes an affirmation that you can use.

Louise Hay

Affirmations by Louise Hay

And each affirmation focuses your attention on what you want to happen, what you want in your life. Remember, I am not denying the rough patches, the challenges that we all face. I am saying to limit the focus you afford the issues and place as much focus as you can on the positive elements you want in your life.

That is the utilization of the Law of Attraction, in it’s simplest form.

Each morning as you sit down to your writing, pull out your affirmations, and read them off. It is best if you read them off aloud. Keep the list short and concise. Ten to twelve items works best. You can use multiple lists if need be, for different segments of your writing.

As you repeat the affirmations, see yourself, and feel yourself completing each item. See, and feel yourself writing well, writing often, and finishing that book.

Then as you finish for the day, go back and repeat the affirmations. Make those things a habit in your subconscious, act as though they are really happening. Your mind really can’t tell if you are vividly imagining them, or living them out. To your subconscious, it’s all the same.

Will your writing improve, and all the issues disappear with the snap of a finger? Of course not.

But where do you think your writing success will flow from? Constantly focusing on all your issues and problems? Or on your writing success?

I wish you all the best.

About Gibson Goff

I'm a Freelance Writer, Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner, and an avid traveler. I specialize in the Self-Help market with a focus on personal success, and positive motivation. I also enjoy writing for the travel market, sharing my experiences so that others might enjoy them as well. My passion is writing positive, uplifiting and inspiring messages for everyone. You can follow my work at www.GibsonGoff.com


  1. Beautiful Gibson! I have now learned something more about you! My question is this: How do you reverse issues into positive outcomes that not only are in the way of your writing but also come to question if you should be writing or doing something else?

    • The technique, and I learned this most clearly in “The Secret”, is to have specific affirmations that they call “secret shifters”, that will center you. And remind you that the struggle you may be going through is an opportunity.

      They are designed to shift your thinking, to stop the troubled thinking, and TO (RE)FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE, SUCCESSFUL OUTCOME YOU DESIRE. That’s what you need to get back to, that’s your balance. Your joyful, happy, natural state.

      As far as wondering if you should be doing something else – what does your heart tell you? Are you sad, and troubled when you think of giving up your writing? Then, press in, do more, overcome. There will be a way.

      Do what you have to, to make that happen. As long as your focus is “I need to do this to support my writing”, then any other job, is headed in the right direction.

      It will work out. Have faith, and trust, in yourself!

      Thanks for the comment and question, Magda. Wishing you the very best!

  2. Great article!

    I finished reading Dan Brown’s “The Lost Symbol” and one of the characters, Katherine Solomon, comments on how to harness the power of our thoughts. To paraphrase, “We must have laser-like focus.” But the key is to ‘learn’ how to develop laser-like focus and tune-out the negativity that may surround you in the form of family and friends, the city and or state you live in, etc. It can be challenging to use the law of attraction when you constantly observe your ‘current’ reality. To quote Abraham-Hicks, “Why let your current reality tune your vibration? You’ve got to tell your story the way you want it to be.” I try every day to do this. :)
    Amandah recently posted..Sink Your Teeth into Better Content Writing with the Vampires from True BloodMy Profile

    • Thanks for those kind words, Amandah.

      Just like you said – “It can be challenging to use the law of attraction when you constantly observe your ‘current’ reality.”

      I find that challenge ebbs and flows in my life. I can only equate it to growing in awareness, reaching different levels of enlightenment. So viewed under that premise, it’s all good. I’m growing. Yay!

      Remember, it’s all about the journey. And, I wish you the very best as you travel along on yours.

      Thanks so much, again!

  3. I love this, as I fear the Law of Attraction has gotten a bad name recently–people try it and give up when it doesn’t work instantly. You really have to keep at it. This is a great post about how to apply it to writing, very helpful.
    Charlotte Rains Dixon recently posted..Why Writing a Novel is a Good Thing–Even if You Never Get it PublishedMy Profile

    • Thanks, Charlotte.

      When “The Secret” came out it put the LOA in front of a lot of people. Immediately you had the typical yays, and nays. It was polarizing, not many people understood it.

      The great news is, those that did understand it, garnered great insight and methodology from the book.

      The other great news is, because so many other people were exposed to it, there are a lot more people practicing it today. We’re not at critical mass. But it is indeed helping a lot of folks. :-)

      And so, support is becoming more available. There is more written. And you and I, in our struggles to become aware, have more to help us keep in the flow. We’re learning , growing, becoming more enlightened and aware. That’s a good thing.

      Thanks for the comments and insight, Charlotte. I wish you all the best!


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