February 12, 2016

Great Freelancers Are Great Readers

Successful freelancers stay abreast of current trends and offerings by reading.

As our freelancing careers become busier it’s easy to focus on only our writings. We’re busy putting out great articles, billing clients and marketing for more. Writing means profits, and as freelancers we like a steady flow of cash. Who doesn’t?

But to stay on top of our game we need to stay abreast of the current trends and offerings in the world of freelancing. Reading articles that others feel worthy of praise can give us great clues in marketing, subject matter and style. It can also lend great ideas about future articles we may be able to produce.

And if we’re harboring any bad habits in our abilities, having outside influences to measure our work against may be the tell-tale we need before our clientele dries up.

The more we read, and can adapt the myriad of styles and techniques to our own, the more a polished, finished product we can produce. And quite simply the better our product, the more assignments we can expect.

As freelancers we have a major advantage over other industries in that we can immediately, and widely see what the competition is offering. It’s right there in front of us, in every paper, magazine, radio and TV ad we see. Somebody had to write the stuff.

And although we may not like the style of writing, or the material itself, there are always clues as to what made the product salable. If nothing else, it gives us the client that would buy such a product.

So next time your at a roadblock in your writing, or unsure of what direction to take your freelancing career, pick up something and read it. Even better yet, make it a regular, daily habit to read as much as you can get your hands on.

Because you never know where your next great idea may be hiding. Or where that next client may come from.

About Gibson Goff

I'm a Freelance Writer, Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner, and an avid traveler. I specialize in the Self-Help market with a focus on personal success, and positive motivation. I also enjoy writing for the travel market, sharing my experiences so that others might enjoy them as well. My passion is writing positive, uplifiting and inspiring messages for everyone. You can follow my work at www.GibsonGoff.com


  1. Great post Gibson; there’s so much out there in the Blogosphere and as freelance writers it’s hard to always filter the great read from everything else.
    Thanks for posting.
    @Samantha, awesome new web site.

  2. I forget who said it – but they said to write a book you have to read a library. Quite true.


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