February 12, 2016

Get Out of the Doldrums and Get Writing

writers block

Get your writing edge back.

Last month I shared my way to bust writer’s block – to get the words flowing again. And to even feel good about your calling – to find success as an accomplished writer. Not just a writer, but an accomplished writer.

But maybe you haven’t experienced that stage of writer’s block, yet. Perhaps you’re pretty crafty, you write great stuff (or can), you may even have gotten published a time or two. Now, however, you feel like you’re spinning your wheels.

Your writing has lost its edge. Your audience, what’s left of it, has stopped reading, and commenting on your work.

Just Stuck in the Middle

You’re essentially, stuck in the middle. You ‘can’, but you have a long way to go. You see your goals, but they always seem a little out of reach. You can write well, but your writing tasks seem to drag on, and on. And you’ve lost a lot of enthusiasm.

As unnerving as this feels, as aggravated as it makes you, fear not. With a few action steps, you’ll find that foothold to accelerate yourself out of the middle, and across the finish line with renewed enthusiasm and skills.

How to Start Moving Forward Again

So what do the action steps that allow you to move from ordinary writer to extraordinary author entail? Let me describe it with a formula, and then we’ll discuss it further. The formula:



Let’s start with where you are, right now. You came into writing with some confidence — on fire — ready to tear up the world. You felt sure you were destined to write that next great piece, to craft that masterpiece of literature – the one that would live on forever.

Then as things became more business-like, and you hit a few bumps on the road, you took your focus off the end goal: your writing success. You supremely focused on the first action part of the formula.

Simply Doing More Work, Won’t Do It

You figured the more action you took, the more effort you put out, the greater your works would turn out. You effort, and effort, and effort. You get some results, but no results substantial enough to satisfy you, or your readers. And thus, you’re in the doldrums.

Find your focus again by concentrating on the prize — your writing success. Feel good about any writing that you do. That joy and satisfaction will soon revive your confidence. You’ll have little wins that lead to bigger wins.

It All Comes Together With Follow Through

The last action step glues the whole formula together. It’s the follow through. In this case, follow through involves acknowledging any good writing you turn out, making a big deal of it, and then applying that enthusiasm to your next writing assignments. Stop beating yourself up, and remind yourself just how good a writer you really are.

writing inspiration

Remember positive reinforcement.

Remember the face, the voice and the smile of at least one person that has ever said to you, “Wow, you’re a good writer!” All the other critics don’t matter at this point and that includes you, if you have a propensity to go hard on yourself.

Find something – anything – about your writing to rekindle some form of confidence in your abilities. Now go write. Take something positive from that writing, and congratulate yourself. Feel that you are that successful writer. Feel that you will always get better, and know that this is just another step in that learning process.

Now follow through – take that new found confidence and joy to write some more. Do it even better than before. You have already proven that you can get going under pressure. You can do it. Believe it. Take another small win, and start piling them up so you can hurdle the fence to success, with no problem.

Cut and Paste 

Keep the formula handy. Print it, cut it out, and paste it above your desk, right in your line of sight. Use it as a visual reminder to refocus on the steps, and to regain your writing enthusiasm. When you’re happy, and confident, you write more. And when you write with joy and confidence, you write better. It goes hand-in-hand.

Always keep sight of the end goal – your writing success. Focus on that goal. But when you lose your footing, use this simple formula to keep moving and stay out of the doldrums.

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  1. Hi Gibson,

    You must have read my mind. I have two personal writing projects, books, that have been on the back burner for over a year. Whenever I speak to people about these particular books, I’m asked, “When will your books be published? They sound great.” I know I need to put my personal writing projects on my schedule, but I haven’t done so, yet. In fact, I’ll schedule them today. There’s no better time than the present.

    Thanks for this inspirational post. :)
    Amandah recently posted..A Simple Plan to Avoiding Cancer of CommunicationMy Profile

  2. I think you are right when you mention about getting stuck in the middle as I often see myself coming into that situation all the time. I just know that I have a goal, but the whole process can be very tiring and sometimes the motivation part can really let you down when you see the progress has been very slow. But I consider myself lucky to have my friends telling me not to give up and I find reading your blog posts here will give me all the inspiration that I need. It’s not easy but at the same time I believe nothing is impossible. Cheers


    • Talking with friends always helps me, May. Sometimes they even are more excited about an article idea, than I am. That really get’s me fired up again. Other times, just a different way of looking at what I’m trying to get done get’s my perspective to change, and those creative juices to start flowing.

      Thanks for the comments, May. Wishing you all the best.
      Gibson Goff recently posted..Expecting Success is not ArroganceMy Profile


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