December 1, 2015

Are Your Dreams Doomed?

Some people always hide behind others – I’m not talking about your typical nose-to-the-grindstone followers. You know who I’m talking about  – the ones who keep their dreams and talents cloaked in self-imposed isolation.

You Are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made – Act Like It

Jeffster - tv series Chuck

You. Center Stage. Now. Do it like Jeffster

Aspiring author, free spirit, creative type, artist  – these terms describe some of the most talented people on earth.  But many live in fear of their own dreams and aspirations. They live in the shadows, cultivating their dreams, while keeping a low profile — afraid to try, scared to reveal their true selves. In this frenzied and fractured world, many may – either openly or secretly — label them as losers, doomed to stay forever in obscurity.

The title of this post derives from a line spoken by a lead character, John Casey (Adam Baldwin) in the last episode of Chuck - Chuck vs. The Goodbye, a popular action-comedy spy drama on the NBC television network. Casey uttered, “We’re doomed,” when two “underdogs” came on the scene.

Briefing on Chuck

If you’ve had the misfortune of missing out on the riveting Chuck series, you’ll need to learn a bit about the show, so you can properly digest the point I’m trying to make as you read on. I’m only giving you what you need to know – primarily a few things about the last episode.  It, after all, inspired this post in the first place.

Spies, Stealth, and Inspiration

One of the reasons the series resonated so deeply with people is the underlying theme about the rise of the fan. More than trivia-laden, obsessed devotees (a la Trekkies), the fans of the series organized themselves in a new, unique way when rumors of the show’s cancellation surfaced. Read more about what makes them different here à Farewell to an Unlikely Hero: Why Chuck Packed Such a Potent Punch.

Spy-Nerds Are the New Hot – Seriously

Chuck is an ordinary guy — a nerd working at a tech store – until, one day, he becomes a human intersect (Über-cool, yet fictional, spy-speak) for the CIA. In short, the final episode involved two geeky salesmen at the store where Chuck and his partner covertly conduct tasks associated with their mission. The geeky salesmen are semi-nerds, simpletons, goofy, awkward guys. Throughout the entire series, these guys never mattered as much as the leading characters. They provided an amusing background for the high-energy action that took place in each episode – they served as a sort of comic relief in the plot. The two guys, Lester (Vik Sahay) and Jeff (Scott Krinsky), formed a musical group aptly called, Jeffster — singing just for the fun of it and scruffily showing off their dubious talent. The moments on the show when they sang were hilarious. They sang “Africa”, “Eye of the Tiger”, “Fortunate Boy”, the latter being the funniest with some incredible face expressions delivered by Vik Sahay.

So? How Is That Relevant to Freelance Writing?

Patience freelance writers and others of the artsy ilk! I’m getting there. First, I must admit that the show didn’t interest me all that much prior to seeing the last episode. While I found it interesting before, something was missing – something I just couldn’t put my finger on.

That is – until I watched the finale!

Freelancers! Stop Hiding Behind Self-Doubt

The CIA bigwig, Chuck’s employer, is in real danger. Someone placed a bomb under her seat at the concert theatre where the last episode takes place. Chuck and the other agents cannot come up with a realistic and viable plan to save their boss. They have intel saying that the bomb will detonate immediately after the music ends for the evening.

As they try to crack the encryption code and deactivate the bomb, Lester and Jeff make an entry: the last people anyone wants to see in the midst of a crisis like this. But the story unfolds in a way that cleverly proves the viewers and fans wrong.

The Innocence of Humility, Heroism, and Success

Simply by just doing what needs doing, taking notice of their fortuitous “right place, right time” advantage, and not wallowing in self-doubt and hand wringing, the two we discounted as buffoons save the day (and the CIA boss). They took action without wasting precious time to plan, called the shots, set all records straight, and lived the dream. They left the others in shock and awe, as they became heroes by just being themselves – no apologies.

Just seconds before the concert musicians finished their piece and while the violins were fading away, we see the music displays dying out too but then the monitors suddenly flare back up — flashing to the beat of band A-ha’s song “Take on me”. Lester and Jeff take the stage! Jeffster – in saving the boss, saving the day, saving the lives of the crowd — saved themselves too.

You must see this final, pivotal scene. It represents the INSPIRATION that lies dormant inside the souls of all freelance writers, singers, artists, journalists – free spirits. I admit, I wept too just like Vik Sahay (acting as Lester) said in an interview on how he felt when he read the script.

Set your dreams free. Do it like Jeffster.

Come sparkle with us! Share your victories and the challenges you face in realizing your dreams. 

About Magda Papas

Magda Papas worked in the finance industry for 12 years in London and Milan before making a foray into the world of freelance translating. This multi-lingual creative powerhouse can work with the English, Italian, and Greek languages. In addition to translating, she revels in writing. Her core interests include mosaic art, work life balance tips, culture and accessories. She authors Mosaicology blog where you can learn more about the craft of creating mosaic masterpieces and how mosaic art can relate to fashion, travel, history, interiors. Connect with her on Twitter or contact her via email.


  1. Great job, Magda! You have a knack for coming up with inspiring, relevant story angles from things that I would have never thought would have meaning for entrepreneurs/freelancers. We feel blessed to have you on the team.

  2. I am truly blessed to be part of the team and still can’t believe it. I never thought I could have these ideas. I mean, I started blogging for a specific reason and now I am kind of reinventing myself. You are important in this process and I am deeply honoured.

    Somewhere in my heart there’s a hope Scott or Vik aka Jeffster will read this.

  3. You had me at “you are fearfully and wonderfully made–act like it.”
    Charlotte Rains Dixon recently posted..Rewriting: Print Out Your WorkMy Profile

  4. WoW!
    I loved your article. It gave me the kick-in-the-pants I needed to get off my arse and WRITE like I am supposed to.
    I know the cliche’…”if I helped just one person by this…”
    B.S.!!! to hell with the humble pie…!
    I hope many more like me are inspired to end the fear and self-loathing and just get on with it!!!
    again- Thanks :)

    • Hi Teri! I am SO happy that this post had such an impact on you. That episode – concert time – still “speaks” to me. I am grateful that you took the time to read the post. Is this the first time you are visiting Freelance Writing Dreams?

      Oh, and I would LOVE to see your work. Do you have a website?


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