February 10, 2016

Got a Twitter Business Plan? Or Are You Doing It All for the Nookie?

social media cliff jumpingI’m going to jump off of a social media cliff if I see one other businessperson tweeting like an unruly college freshman looking for some (ahem) “attention”. The college kid may be doing it all for the nookie, but as a businessperson you’re tweeting for more than kicks. This is your bread and butter. Do it right or you just better go home before you wreck your rep and risk your livelihood.

OK, so I don’t even know what jumping off a social media cliff would entail, but you get my meaning. It frustrates me to see talented, high-energy entrepreneurs struggling with social media and their outreach campaigns. It’s not so difficult as long as you have a plan. In fact, it even frustrates me to see not-so-talented individuals waste time on social media because they’re flailing in the wind with no plan and no direction.

First Steps To a Twitter Business Plan

First things first for your twitter business plan. You (obviously) need a twitter account, and, most serious entrepreneurs customize their main twitter profile pages, if even just a little bit. Once you’ve got your page set up, you’ll want to come up with a defined goal for your social media activities:

  • Do you want to sell more of a specific product or service?
  • Harvest potential new clients for an email list?
  • Simply build public awareness about you and for your brand?
  • All of these?

You’ve got to figure out the answers to these and any others you have first.

Social Media Conversation Calendar

Now, it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty. As a content producer and marketer, I use an editorial calendar every day to keep up with my assignments and those I’ve given out to my staff writers. It’s a fairly detailed calendar that I created using Excel and we just keep adding features and tabs to it as needed.

But I developed this calendar especially for keeping track of my journalistic assignments and other copywriting jobs and those of my staff.

It won’t work as a social media calendar.

So, I have a completely separate editorial calendar for social media. Check out this post from the Content Marketing Institute about developing a social media conversation calendar. You’ll use this calendar to keep track of your plan when using Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, and other platforms as well, but we’re just discussing twitter in this post.

Social Media Management Application

I use Hootsuite for handling the social media profiles I manage for clients and, of course, myself. I used to talk about TweetDeck all the time and still love it, but have fallen away from using it because only Hootsuite works with the curation and automation application I use. More on that later.

Anyway, by using one of these applications, you can effectively manage several Twitter profiles at once. Hootsuite even allows you to post to Facebook, LinkedIn, and GooglePlus (maybe even others, but those are the ones I use there).

Use Curation and Auto-posting Software

I’ve dabbled in Buffer and a couple of other tweet automation programs and, while I found them somewhat impressive, they don’t touch the application I use. Sorry, they just don’t. If you know me, you know I use BundlePost (BP). BP has literally transformed my business.

I can curate and set up automatic tweets that go for days, complete with hashtags and edited just the way I like, in minutes. It would take an entirely separate post to explain the wonders that Robert Caruso and his team have woven into BP, so just go read, Are You Failing at Social Media Management?, and get hip to the best in the biz.

Chat Face-to-Face With Your Tweeps Every Single Day

face to face social media engagement

Take time to engage daily

Those automated tweets will end up hurting you if you don’t take time to actually respond to replies and genuinely talk with your fans and followers. If you can’t do this, step away from social media and come back when you can. You simply MUST set aside time for daily face-to-face engagement across all of your social media channels for your plan to play out properly.

Investigate Other Twitter Help Tools

There are a host of other twitter tools to help analyze your campaign success, assist you in expanding your reach, and enhance your understanding of how it all works. Check out Lisa Buben’s post on FWD, Triberr or Just Retweet – Which is Right for You Now. Other cool tools include SocialBro and Topsy, both of which offer some mad insights into Twitter. I use SocialBro and absolutely love it. It’s inexpensive, powerful, and effective. They offer detailed insights reports and a bevy of other amazing metrics to help you stay on track.

Take your time to set up a real Twitter business plan and start using social media to your advantage. I recently read two great posts by the amazing, intelligent, and gorgeous Kim Garst about this. You might want to check out the post by Garst on twitter advertising and one smartly entitled, Don’t Tweet From the Hip… In the latter, Garst has some of the same advice I list in this post, but she adds very insightful bits that I wouldn’t have thought of like having a special twitter landing page, pre-drafting personalized tweets, and more.

Do you have a social media business plan? Share it with us!


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Not only am I the chief editor of this multi-author online magazine, I'm a content creator and social media marketing strategist with a background in journalism, finance, & healthcare. I began my content marketing agency, All Media Freelance, LLC, in 2010 and lead a well-rounded, talented team of multi-channel content strategists and niche writers. I've developed and managed print and digital content projects for health care, fitness, financial services, mental health, non-profit, and automotive publishers, as well as for biotechnology brands.


  1. Samanthan, LOVE this post! I would say today that Triberr is better than just re-tweet though I use them both still. Triberr is just a real TRAFFIC driver for my blogs. I signed up for the free 30 day bundle post but I could not learn it quick enough to get using it. I would love to try it again when I know I have the time. So many folks have raved about it and Robert is an awesome person. I use the buffer on most days and say “it’s a great day when the buffer is full.” I try to add extra’s into those tweets as well. I add the reasons why I recommend others read the post or link. Thanks for the mention Samantha too!
    Lisa recently posted..How I Made 100 Dollars Online with Sponsored TweetsMy Profile

    • Thanks Lisa! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I’ve not used Just Retweet, but have dabbled in Triberr and I really like the experiences I’ve had with it. I’ve just been so busy lately with new clients and new work (blessed) that it’s been difficult for me to produce new content on this blog or anywhere else so I can really benefit from Triberr. I think I need to regroup and try it all over again once I get all caught up before the fall rush begins. Robert is an awesome person and he’s got a great team as well. I encourage you to try BP again when you have a chance. It’s amazing!

  2. I do have a social media plan. A few months ago, I downloaded a social media calendar and yesterday a I received a link to *free* social media calendar from HubSpot; now I have to calendars. :) I too signed up with Triberr but have not used that much. TweetDeck is my go-to app; I used to use Hootsuite, but will need to upgrade to take advantage of all of their features. There are many social media apps and programs to help you create a social business plan. Choose the best ones for your business. Good luck!
    Amandah recently posted..Comment on Small Business Creates Web Traffic Frenzy with Online Marketing Strategies by How to Navigate the Content Marketing World – Savvy-WriterMy Profile

    • It’s great that you have a plan, Amandah. I don’t put a lot in my social media calendar; instead, I use it as a sort of social media outline that defines what topics I’ll focus on that week and what I’ll promote more heavily at that time. You’re right, there are so many apps and tools to help people manage social media nowadays, it’s hard to navigate through them all. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – nothing beats BundlePost, at least for me. Thanks for stopping by, Amandah!

  3. Samantha, some days I engage a lot on Twitter, and some days I stay away from it entirely. I use Hootsuite to manage most of my tweets, although I share some retweets in real time.

    A key issue is managing time on Twitter, or anywhere on the Internet, so that productivity stays high.
    John Soares recently posted..Better Time Management through NOT Watching TVMy Profile

    • Hi John,

      You’re so right that time management is very important when engaging on Twitter or any other social media platform. If I don’t watch my time, I’ll spend all day engaging and no time working! Like you, some days I spend more time than others in face to face engagement, but I do some face to face each day no matter what. I’m liberal with my retweets in real time because I like to “reward” those who put out great content with a live RT. Know what I mean? Thanks so much for stopping by.

  4. Hi Samantha,

    Thanks for the write up. Found your site from Lisa’s blog.

    Now talking about social media plans. I actually have a simple one BUT it seems to work for me.

    I basically make sure I post at the right time on separate social media platforms. For example, I have more Twitter followers from US than my own timezone. So ensuring tweets at the right time play a huge role in terms of traffic.

    At the same time, I make sure that I try to leverage as much as possible from other social media platforms too. Spending more time on Twitter as my main followed by Facebook and Google+.

    All in all, got to agree on some of the comments with the time management part.

    Thanks for the lovely write!

    *p/s glad to meet up with you :)
    Reginald recently posted..3 Easy Ways To Add Twitter Cards To WordPress BlogsMy Profile

    • A pleasure to connect with you here, Reginald! Lisa is a great gal and has become a very good friend. I just love her.

      I think your plan sounds like a very efficient one. Often we find power in simplicity and I think that’s what you have with your plan. I have clients in the UK and also have to schedule social media posts and tweets that hit my audience in the UK and in the US at the right times.

      Yes, time management seems to be a theme with all freelancers…anyone who works from home probably struggles with it from time to time.

      It’s been wonderful seeing a new face on my site. Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and share your thoughts. ~Samantha


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