February 11, 2016

Create a Stellar Google Plus Business Page in a Snap

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No G+ business page? Your competition already has one.

All business owners, including freelance writers, need to learn how to create a Google plus business page to promote their services. Here’s why: with the increasing popularity of digital business and communication, the global business community has utilized the power and reaped the benefits associated with the Internet and its worldwide reach.  As more individuals flock to social media networks for their personal reasons, businesses, both large and small, have forged a presence on the popular social media sites as well.

Social media networks have become one of the major ways small businesses and corporations promote their goods and build brand awareness.  Using the recently developed Google+ (G+) platform, companies can create branded business pages that will help spread their website content, digital brands, and services.  Social media networks, like Google+, provide a free tool for marketing and advertising and offer many advantages over traditional methods.

It’s simple to create a professional, branded Google+ business page. You can sign up in a snap and start designing your page right away. I advise that you create a test page first to get comfortable with navigating around the G+ platform. Once you know your way around, you’ll have the know-how to create a business page that will showcase your business, promote your brand, and allow you to make full use of G+ and its features.

Create a Polished, Attractive G+ Business Page

  1. Create your general Google account. If you have several team members who will need access to the page, come up with an email address that they all can use to access and manage the page. If you already have a Gmail account, don’t use it – you wouldn’t want team members to have access to all of your personal email. Simply create a new Gmail account especially for accessing the business page.
  2. Begin to build your page. When prompted, select a category that best describes your business and industry. Customize your profile. Here you will describe your business and upload a profile photo – usually, but not always, your business logo. Since your page represents your business brand, make certain to review all content for errors and style. You want to present the best image possible to clients and prospects that come across the page. This gives you an opportunity to give a great first impression and build a positive brand image.
  3. Promote your G+ business page. Update the page daily with fresh, relevant content from your business websites and other sites around the Internet. Tweet about your new G+ business page; add a post about it on your Facebook fan page and on LinkedIn. Add a G+ button to your business website to make it easy for people to find and connect with you there. Ask followers and fan any other social media platforms to check it out and engage with you there.
  4. Add the G+ badge to your company website. This adds a +1 button to content on the site, allowing for easy sharing. That way, readers and subscribers can share any content they like on your site with their own circles on G+ simply by pressing the +1 button. The more people share your content on their own G+ streams, the quicker public awareness of your brand will grow.
Snap! You’re done.

Whether you own a corporation or a small, one-man shop, you must take the time to learn how to create an effective G+ business page. Having a well designed, branded G+ business page gives you the opportunity to reach a larger audience and increase public awareness of your products and services and help you stand out from the crowd. A recent post on Sean Clark’s Insights for Business website indicates Google+ is critical to your search rankings.

Social media, in general, is here to stay and provides an incredibly effective marketing tool for businesses to build an Internet presence with a much larger reach than ever before. If you haven’t embraced the power of social media for your business, you’re already a step behind the competition.

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  1. Yes, we have one for Fancy Scrubs and we try to update it daily with health related news or any new product lines we launch or fundraising efforts we do. It’s another great way to interact with like minded businesses and customers. Of course Google just loves it too! (We do have to work on logo since they changed the size, this post may inspire us to do so sooner than later, thanks Tom!)
    Lisa recently posted..Walk With Us For the Cure – Huntington’s DiseaseMy Profile

    • Hi Lisa, happy you liked the post! I have also recently started using Google+ instead of Facebook.
      Tom recently posted..How To Get Free Traffic From PinterestMy Profile

    • Hi Lisa,

      I’m glad Tom wrote this post for us because I know so many small business owners who haven’t made their G+ business pages because they’re afraid it’s too difficult or time intensive. I created mine some time ago, but haven’t engaged with others there as much as I should (not nearly as much as I do on my personal G+ page). Even so, my regular engagement on the personal page does drive some traffic over to the AMF G+ page. I need to add a new banner graphic for mine as well. I’ve got one ready, just haven’t gotten around to adding it yet.


  2. So true. I haven’t spent much time on Google+ as I focus more on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. I’ll put my Google+ page on my “To Do List.” I really have to spend more time getting to know the “ins and outs” of Google+. Twitter and LinkedIn seem easier to use. I know Facebook is more for images and videos, and I’ve been creating my own graphics to post. But I’m still trying to figure out Google+.
    Amandah recently posted..Comment on How to Write Your Writer’s Personal Statement in 3 Easy Steps by Amandah BlackwellMy Profile

    • Hi Amanda,

      I absolutely love G+ as well as Twitter. LinkedIn is essential for me also, but I use it way differently than I do Twitter and G+. I have a Facebook fan page and post relevant stories and articles there daily, but I just don’t enjoy interacting there nearly as much as on the other platforms. I get very little engagement about my business there compared to Twitter and G+. It takes a bit to get used to the way G+ works and to understand how the circles work and everything, but it’s definitely worth it!


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