February 10, 2016

7 Ways Content Marketing Will Breathe Life Into Your Dreams

word of mouth marketing

Content marketing is a word that gets bandied about a lot these days. Traditional marketing continues to fall further out of favor with consumers every day. Content marketers do more than write content…much more. They develop and create customized marketing strategies that capture and hold the attention of potential customers far better than the old […]

What Does the Business Woman Say? Tweet!

Women in social media

Many of you know that AMF joined with Amy Tippins in January 2014 to form RTL Digital Media. Although we have men on our professional team, RTL is a woman-owned business, operated by women. We just launched our website and one of our first posts was an infographic featuring statistics about female users of social […]

Self Promotion – Does It Have to Feel Smarmy?

self promotion

A couple of days ago, I had an interesting conversation about self-promotion with Julia Hull, Director of Customer Support for Bundle Post (the greatest social media management and curation software on earth). As I made my morning rounds for clients on Facebook, I saw Julia had posted a question in her status asking friends what […]

Is Your Content Marketing Me Focused or We Focused?

Lone Survivor

Is your content marketing me-focused or we-focused? If you find your content marketing efforts failing to meet your expectations, the answer to that question may help you understand why. I came across an article by Inc.com contributor, Jeff Haden, which explains why me-focused content pushes readers away while we-focused content pulls them in. After seeing […]

What Katniss Everdeen Can Teach Content Marketers

catching fire katniss and peeta

Katniss Everdeen, star of the Catching Fire and Hunger Games blockbuster movies, can teach content marketers a thing or two. Successful content marketers need to do more than simply push content out through their various channels. Yes, pushing out high-quality content can lead to some natural (organic) success – to a point. But it takes […]

Got a Twitter Business Plan? Or Are You Doing It All for the Nookie?

social media cliff jumping

I’m going to jump off of a social media cliff if I see one other businessperson tweeting like an unruly college freshman looking for some (ahem) “attention”. The college kid may be doing it all for the nookie, but as a businessperson you’re tweeting for more than kicks. This is your bread and butter. Do […]

Lights Camera Traffic – Using Video in Your Content Marketing Mix

Video content marketing is the new darling in the content marketing world. Many high profile businesses, like Coca Cola, have jumped on YouTube and started posting and sharing videos that tell their brand stories. But there’s a problem. Few smaller businesses have taken the plunge into video, and those that have don’t do a very […]

What THE HEIST Can Teach You About Content Marketing

The Heist teaches content marketing

I recently read the new best selling novel, The Heist, and found it not only entertaining, but also educational from a content marketing perspective. You might wonder how a work of fiction can help you find more success with your content marketing efforts? Lee Goldberg and Janet Evanovich weave a fast-paced, riveting story around the […]

Are You Failing at Social Media Management?

social media fail

Well, are you failing at managing your social content and that of other brands you manage? If you’re like many of us who manage several profiles, you probably spend hours curating, organizing, hashtagging, and scheduling content for each profile almost daily. And that doesn’t even include thanking and recognizing all your best engagers with Follow […]

No Fail (Almost) Guide to Hashtag Basics

Hashtags provide a great way to categorize content.

Nowadays, most content marketers and brand ambassadors use Twitter – and the majority of them use hashtags. In social media circles, the term hashtag refers to keywords or word phrases (no spaces) that follow the number or pound symbol in a Tweet. People use hashtags on a variety of other social media platforms, but, for […]