February 8, 2016

Review: Organize Your Home Office for Success by Lisa Kanarek

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Organize Your Home Office For Success Expert Strategies That Can Work for You Lisa Kanarek, founder of WorkingNaked.com, recently asked me to review her new book, Organize Your Home Office For Success. As we discussed the details, I had to warn her about my brutal honesty, regarding reviews of books, eBooks, and other products – […]

2 Time Tracking and Invoicing Solutions for Freelancers


How FreshBooks Had Me at “Hello” Freelancers, do you use invoicing and time-tracking software for your freelance writing business? I’m writing (in the first person – a stretch for me) to tell you about two great software packages to help you get started. Prior to having a go at freelancing full-time, I used Samantha’s Oral […]

Sales Copywriting Master Class – Buy a Book, Save a Life


Kent Austin, world-renowned copywriter, recently published an eBook entitled, The Sales Copy Master Class. He asked me if I would read through the book, work through the exercises along the way and write an honest review of what I thought. While it flattered me that this man, hired to write copy for Martha Stewart and […]

Relationship Mastery for Professionals

No fluffy, touchy-feely concepts -- this is the business professional's perfect guide.

About the Author: Dr. David Fraser holds an MBA from Strathclyde University and a First Class Honors degree and PhD from Glasgow University in Scotland. As a Neuro-Linguistic (NLP) Master Practitioner and commercial mediator, Fraser possesses a deep knowledge of relational dynamics in the workplace, other professional environments, and familial settings. Practical Relationship Solutions for Professionals Fraser introduces fresh […]