February 13, 2016

How Your Office Space Defines You and Your Productivity

home office redesign AFTER pic

How does your office space define you and your productivity? Ask me. I just remodeled my home office three weeks ago and I feel like a whole new person as well as a much more organized professional. If you’re lucky enough to have your own office space — whether it’s located at home or not […]

Get Up On Your Feet: Consequences of Sitting and Benefits of a Standing Desk

Hemingway at standing desk

As freelance writers, we spend most of our days sitting in a chair, chained to our desk, eyes glued to a computer screen, churning out words and sentences.  For most of us, passion compelled us to start a writing career; we love expressing our thoughts and feelings through the written word. But what if giving […]

Timeless Tips for Freelancing Dads

freelance writing dads

Ahhh…the joys of fatherhood.  Do you remember the day your children were born?  Do you recall feelings of excitement, happiness and anxiety all rolled into one?  I certainly do.  I was a bundle of emotions the moment I first held my bundle of joy. My son Zachary was born last year just one month after […]

Freelance Writers – Your Mobile Office Just Got Way Cooler

virtual keyboard from ThinkGeek

Freelance writers all over the globe have sprung for iPads and iPhones to increase their mobility. An office that’s Location Independent represents the freelance writing way of life. But it gets a bit challenging to type on a small iPad keyboard when you’re sipping a delicious salted mocha latte, while working at the neighborhood Starbucks. […]

Why Freelancers Need the Sun – Both Literally and Figuratively

Freelancers need sun

Freelancers need the sun. They need it for the normal reasons – vitamin D and its other health benefits. But freelancers need the sun for reasons other folks don’t. Freelancers: Have you tried using mobile Internet under the bright sun? Have you been off skype for more than 3 days? Have you ever tried to […]

Eliminating Stress As a Freelancer and Other Impossibilities of Life

freelance writing stress

Freelance writing:  the career state in which you compete — sometimes viciously — with your colleagues for assignments; you have no guaranteed income; you subject your best efforts to potential ridicule and rejection; you enjoy no paid vacation days, nor paid sick days; you carry all responsibility for calculating and paying your taxes not once, […]

How to Create More Space in Your Small Home Office

closetfactory dot com

Most work-at-home professionals, like freelance writers, don’t have an extra room ready to convert into an awesome home office. Between kids, pets, spouse, etc., they have to make room for work wherever they can. Check out these cool tricks to maximize your space, and even save a bit of money. 1. Switch to a laptop […]

Does Your Home Office Inspire You or Tire You?

beautiful home office space

I’ve written a couple of articles outlining the major steps to home office organization in the past. Read about initial home office setup and design here and about micro-steps to corralling all that overwhelming clutter here. But there’s so much more to working smart outside of the cubicle-land grind. If your home office setup, design, […]

Follow the “Little Way” to Declutter Your Office and Simplify Your Life

Take little steps down the way to a pristine, decluttered workspace.

St. Therese of Lisieux, the Little Flower, originated the concept of living by “The Little Way”. Her living small theme promotes a way of life meant to enrich those who want to serve others through their littleness, simplicity, and love. You may ask yourself: what does a Catholic saint, who lived in the late 1800s, […]

Lisa Kanarek Speaks – 3 win the keys to home office organization

Laura Spencer

As you all know this culminates the first of many great contests we’ll run for our loyal readers and subscribers. This first contest ended at 11:59 pm, December 19, 2011. The staff and I would like to extend our thanks to each person who entered the competition. Lisa Kanarek did the honors of choosing the […]