February 6, 2016

Flash Fiction Challenge – Part IV by Iain Mackenzie

flash fiction Iain Mackenzie

 Terrible Minds – Flash Fiction Challenge Part IV A note from Samantha Gluck: My friends, and even those who read my work without ever engaging me,  know full well that I’m a journalist and content strategist and that I feel profoundly blessed to be able to make a living doing what I love and, more […]

Get Out of the Doldrums and Get Writing

writers block

Last month I shared my way to bust writer’s block – to get the words flowing again. And to even feel good about your calling – to find success as an accomplished writer. Not just a writer, but an accomplished writer. But maybe you haven’t experienced that stage of writer’s block, yet. Perhaps you’re pretty […]

How Do You Manifest Those Freelance Writing Dreams?

law of attraction

We all have dreams and desires. Some of them, more lofty than others. And, some of us actually do something with them. Yet, many do nothing with them, other than dream. The standard bill-of-fare for achieving in this world – hard work, more hard work, even more hard work, and a great big lucky break […]

Build Your Brand From Your Mom Experience

the simple mom podcast

Editor’s Note: Since May is the month of moms, we decided to feature a post especially for mom freelancers. In June, the month of dads, we’ll give papas equal time with a feature of their own. Perhaps you are a new mom. You used to work for someone else and now you think you might […]

Are Your Dreams Doomed?

Jeffster - tv series Chuck

Some people always hide behind others – I’m not talking about your typical nose-to-the-grindstone followers. You know who I’m talking about  – the ones who keep their dreams and talents cloaked in self-imposed isolation. You Are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made – Act Like It Aspiring author, free spirit, creative type, artist  – these terms describe […]

Tips for Using Your Own Photos on Your Freelance Writing Site

digital photography basics

We generally use stock photos to deepen the message woven in the words of the posts on Freelance Writing Dreams. But I’ve experimented with using my own photographs – not always with a professional-looking result — a few times (see examples here and here) and several times on the Medtopicwriter site. My photography skills have […]

Freelance Writing Inspired by Mosaic Art: Hermes Scarves

Nothing too extravagant, but timeless.

Editor’s Note: Looking for balance in your freelance writing methods, style, or business? Our latest guest contributor talks balance – from her perspective as both a mosaic tile artisan and freelance translator. Writers sometimes forget that performing their craft well requires artistic talent and creativity, even if the writing topic seems far removed from the […]

Make 2012 Your Best Year For Writing Yet

Manage chaos and turmoil in your life to keep your writing on track. (image: cnn.com)

You may not feel you’re ready for it, but you can make 2012 your very best year for writing, yet. And even better, you may already possess all the skills you need to make it happen. Piqued your interest? Great! That positive response shows you’re on the right track to actually making this your best […]

Are You Imprisoned in the Badlands of Writing?

Stay away from the boring passive voice trap. Think action.

Make your escape from the badlands of writing by refusing to use clichés, uninspired ideas, tired topics, awkward sentences, passive voice, and boring organization formulas. Everyone has read about the fickle Web surfing reader’s attraction to how-to posts and love of lists. Take a break from your usual and commit to incorporate anecdotes, comparisons, and […]