November 30, 2015

Top Last Minute Gifts for Content Marketers and Writers

watson guptill sketchbook

You’ve procrastinated and ruminated and dilly-dallied for weeks. Still, you don’t have gifts for the content marketer or writer in your life. Now you’re in a mental panic, sweat beading up on your brow (despite the cold) and you’re breathing rapidly, almost hyperventilating. Calm down. Breathe in a paper bag or something. Writers and content […]

Flash Fiction Challenge – Part IV by Iain Mackenzie

flash fiction Iain Mackenzie

 Terrible Minds – Flash Fiction Challenge Part IV A note from Samantha Gluck: My friends, and even those who read my work without ever engaging me,  know full well that I’m a journalist and content strategist and that I feel profoundly blessed to be able to make a living doing what I love and, more […]

5 Moms Who Inspire and Spread Hope

Time Warp Wife Darlene Schacht

In honor of Mother’s Day, I’m sharing 5 moms in the digital world who continually inspire me with their messages of truth and hope. Every mother I know, both in the real world and on the Web, inspires me in some way each time we connect. But it’s these 5 mothers that have dedicated their […]

Get Out of the Doldrums and Get Writing

writers block

Last month I shared my way to bust writer’s block – to get the words flowing again. And to even feel good about your calling – to find success as an accomplished writer. Not just a writer, but an accomplished writer. But maybe you haven’t experienced that stage of writer’s block, yet. Perhaps you’re pretty […]

Thank You to Freelance Writing Dreams Readers – 2012 Rocked

blowing thank you kisses

I’m a little late getting around to it, but I wanted to tell you that we appreciate each and every one of you more than you know. Your comments and contributions to this little experiment of a “writer’s site” have taught us so very much. We’ve learned about what you want to read (and what […]

Get Up On Your Feet: Consequences of Sitting and Benefits of a Standing Desk

Hemingway at standing desk

As freelance writers, we spend most of our days sitting in a chair, chained to our desk, eyes glued to a computer screen, churning out words and sentences.  For most of us, passion compelled us to start a writing career; we love expressing our thoughts and feelings through the written word. But what if giving […]

How Do You Manifest Those Freelance Writing Dreams?

law of attraction

We all have dreams and desires. Some of them, more lofty than others. And, some of us actually do something with them. Yet, many do nothing with them, other than dream. The standard bill-of-fare for achieving in this world – hard work, more hard work, even more hard work, and a great big lucky break […]

Why Freelancers Need the Sun – Both Literally and Figuratively

Freelancers need sun

Freelancers need the sun. They need it for the normal reasons – vitamin D and its other health benefits. But freelancers need the sun for reasons other folks don’t. Freelancers: Have you tried using mobile Internet under the bright sun? Have you been off skype for more than 3 days? Have you ever tried to […]

Want More Clients? Give More to Get More

get more clients

Do you want you want more clients and more happiness? I sure hope so! Today I want to share a simple key to getting more of what you want in life. Back when I was a college student struggling to find a way to recruit more members to join a student organization, I learned this […]

Find Inspiration in Your Broken Paths

find inspiration

Can you find inspiration from the times you’ve lost your way? The other day, as I commented on some of my favorite freelance writing sites, I came across this post by the beautiful, Erin Feldman of Write Right: Why You Need to Get Lost. In the post Feldman talks about the feelings associated with literally […]