February 7, 2016

Are Sparkly Content and Eye-Catching Photos the New SEO?

girl sun laptop dreamstime from morguefile

If you don’t read much on SEO you may not have heard about the Penguin changes over at Google recently. Google is updating their algorithm to give readers better quality content as they search for information or simply Google it. They want to get rid of web spam and that’s a great thing. Who wants […]

Be The Wasabi: Write Words That Add Real Value

SEO writing to add real value and wasabi

Warning! Achtung! Stop! This post may offend those who like to conform and follow rules. Once upon a time, in a realm far far away…one of my — how shall I say this – hands-on clients came up with a fantastic proposition, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the two of us attended an SEO workshop? Together!” […]

2012 New Year SEO Predictions and Trends

Gaze into our crystal ball to learn 2012 SEO trends and forecasts.

Despite the algorithm switch-ups made by the good folks at Google every so often, the bare basics of SEO remain the same. As a freelance writer, you’ve still got to produce fresh, original content that delivers value to your reader. You’ve got to promote this unique, relevant product heavily and across multiple social media platforms. […]

SEO Fails – How Not to Optimize Your Website

Chocolate cake stuffing? Right on! Keyword stuffing? Fail!

Search engine optimization (SEO) represents a critical component of any online business or site wishing to enjoy a large number of visitors. People who know even the most basic principles of SEO can implement them and reap the benefits. But, SEO has a dark side as well. Like most everything else in this world, there’s a […]

What Every Freelance Writer Needs to Know About SEO

SEO copywriting - more than just inserting keywords.

SEO copywriting is one of the most sought-after forms of freelance web writing, and it’s also one of the most misunderstood. Pay rates for SEO copywriting can range anywhere from $3 per 500 word article to $2,000 for 300 words of optimized homepage copy (no joke), so suffice to say that it’s a freelance writing […]

SEO Basics for the Neophyte or Technically Challenged

The eyes have it -- use SEO, but not at the expense of meaningful content. (photo credit: free-extras.com)

Does your site have balls? Eyeballs, that is? Search engine optimization (SEO) principles work. If they didn’t the practice would become a faded memory lost in the annals of Internet history. When used properly, SEO techniques and tools can result in high traffic numbers for your site, a lower bounce rate, and more subscriptions. Therein […]

How SEO Writing Will Kill Your Voice

Endless SEO writing may bring profits, but you'll lose your unique voice in the process. (photo credit: helpingchurchleaders.com)

Cranking out endless three hundred word SEO articles may be affording you enough profit to pay your bills. But is it doing harm to your writing style, your voice and ultimately your longevity as a writer? Let’s look at SEO articles through a couple of lenses and try to draw some conclusions. Let’s compare an […]