February 10, 2016

Essential Ingredients for a Freelance Writing Resume

freelance writing resume

The essential ingredients for any resume — whether an architect, engineer, nurse, marketing manager or freelance writer career story — are the same: Captivating, focused Summary or Profile that crisply touts your value and is punctuated with meaty messages targeting your audience Metrics-enriched stories woven amidst a Performance Overview (Professional Experience) section that exude abilities […]

A Post Per Day Does Not Mean More Traffic Your Way

website traffic

Do you really believe posting every day will bring more traffic to your website or blog? Think again. If you publish a daily post just for the sake of it, some may not qualify as outstanding or even adequate quality. Some days just don’t have as much traffic as others. Sunday is one of those […]

Eight Effective Feature Story Leads – Journalist Juice

journalist leads

It’s been a while since I’ve shared my journalist juice here on Freelance Writing Dreams, so I thought you might like some tips on how to write effective feature story leads. Typically, straight news stories use summary leads, but you’ll want to craft a catchier, more enticing lead for your feature story. Come up with […]

How to Listen to Silent Audiences


Did you know that a lot of your readers never comment on your articles? But they keep coming back to your site to read your content. These “silent readers” still click ads, they still buy from your affiliate campaigns, and they still care about what you think. Despite a lack of engagement, you’re still a […]

Blog Your Best to Avoid the Mess – A Technique

blogging blog dot hubspot dot com

Are you ready to start blogging and have your freelance writing read around the globe? Do you have tons of ideas that would fit into your blog, but don’t know which to choose? Or maybe you want to focus on a particular niche? Have you been blogging for a while, but feel the need to […]

Create a Stellar Google Plus Business Page in a Snap

social media for business

All business owners, including freelance writers, need to learn how to create a Google plus business page to promote their services. Here’s why: with the increasing popularity of digital business and communication, the global business community has utilized the power and reaped the benefits associated with the Internet and its worldwide reach.  As more individuals […]

Are Sparkly Content and Eye-Catching Photos the New SEO?

girl sun laptop dreamstime from morguefile

If you don’t read much on SEO you may not have heard about the Penguin changes over at Google recently. Google is updating their algorithm to give readers better quality content as they search for information or simply Google it. They want to get rid of web spam and that’s a great thing. Who wants […]

Seven Boss Ways to Improve Your New Writing Website

make money freelance wriitng

I recently wrote an article about the importance of building a brand for writers, inspired by my good friend and mentor (whether she realizes she mentors me or not), Laura Spencer of Writing Thoughts. One of the best ways to begin building brand awareness is to start a writer’s website. You can offer writing advice […]

How to Write Tweets that Get Read and Retweeted

rapper 50 cent twitter king

Even after amassing a hefty number of Twitter followers, you’ll still need to engage them in meaningful ways to keep them. Part of that task involves writing easily consumed, retweetable tweets. Even if the linked content totally rocks, a poorly crafted tweet likely won’t get retweeted. For what it’s worth, I’ve compiled some of hot […]

On This Episode of Freelance Fear Factor — Freelance Writing from Home

juggling freelance mom

Working from home as a freelance writer and translator, while raising a 2-year-old, presents far more than just a challenge for me as a freelancer mom. It provides a real-life psychological and emotional test of my abilities to balance work and life. When you make certain life choices, you also make implied promises to yourself […]