February 8, 2016

25 Blogging Tips for Newbies on List25

blogging tips

A few weeks ago, the always inspiring and spectacularly vivacious Misty McPadden (@mistygirlph) asked me to contribute to one of her posts on List25 about blogging tips for beginners. I’m still reeling from the excitement that such an authoritative influencer like Misty would seek out tips and advice from little ol’ me. But it’s true […]

Semicolons: Why Must They Be So Misunderstood?

semicolon usage

Freelance writers and copywriters everywhere must take pity on the poor misunderstood semicolon. Do you often find yourself wondering about the proper use of a semicolon? Ever ponder whether to insert a comma or the oft-shunned semicolon? How about knowing when to use a colon as opposed to our little half-breed cousin: the semicolon? We’re […]

Emma Jean’s Bad Behavior – Book Review

womens fiction book review

Emma Jean hated babies. In fact, she had built her very successful career as an author on baby hating… I met author Charlotte Rains Dixon on Twitter (@wordstrumpet) in 2011 and got to know her a little better when my teenaged son asked me about taking one of her writing classes. A couple of weeks […]

Top 10 Reasons to Self Publish

Used with permission

I love the thought of traditional publishing and am actually in the process of ghost writing and editing 4 books for two separate authors who have already landed publishing contracts in that world. But the notion of self-publishing has crossed over from the wrong side of the tracks to reside, if not next to, at […]

The Perfect Way to Get Over Writer’s Block

overcoming writer's block

There are two dynamics in play regarding writer’s block – behavior, and inspiration (or lack of). Those same dynamics hold true for a block in any area, creative or non-creative. If you view your block under those qualifiers, regardless of the discipline, the methods for overcoming that block are all the same. And here’s my […]

Writers – Do You Have Economy of Statement?

Bradley Cooper in Limitless

As a writer, you (hopefully) want your audience to understand you. A good writer will lead his reader to his meaning by the most sure and direct route possible. And, if the reader chooses to take the time to read an article, she certainly hopes to derive some sort of valuable meaning from the writer’s […]

Writing a White Paper: 5 Techniques to Reach Your Target Audience

white papers

Have you ever read a document that was informative like a magazine article, but convincing like an advertisement?  Chances are you read a white paper.  Many people aren’t familiar with the term white paper but a white paper represents an important marketing tool for all types of businesses. A white paper informs the reader of […]

How to Make Your Post More Attractive and Readable

sewingdaisies dot com dot au

That’s a good question – actually how do you make your posts more attractive and, thus, readable? This problem arises when you know how to publish your content using the post editor, but without knowing how it works. You’re a good writer, but your readers might not notice your great message if you don’t learn […]

Six Word Pairs Commonly Misused by Freelance Writers and Others

freelance writers

Check out these six word pairs commonly confused and misused by freelance writers. Even the most experienced writers and journalists make mistakes on occasion. People frequently confuse affect and effect; lay, lie, lain, laid; capitol, capital; and principal, principle. But we wanted to go beyond the usual and share some equally important, yet often overlooked […]

What the Game of Thrones Can Teach Freelance Writers

cersei lannister

  Game of Thrones, the wildly popular HBO adaptation of the amazing book series, A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin, includes a lesson or two for freelance writers. Actually, other entrepreneurial bootstrappers could learn something from it as well. Whether you’ve read the books or become utterly obsessed with the series […]