February 12, 2016

How to Listen to Silent Audiences


Did you know that a lot of your readers never comment on your articles? But they keep coming back to your site to read your content. These “silent readers” still click ads, they still buy from your affiliate campaigns, and they still care about what you think. Despite a lack of engagement, you’re still a […]

Create a Stellar Google Plus Business Page in a Snap

social media for business

All business owners, including freelance writers, need to learn how to create a Google plus business page to promote their services. Here’s why: with the increasing popularity of digital business and communication, the global business community has utilized the power and reaped the benefits associated with the Internet and its worldwide reach.  As more individuals […]

Monetize Your Blog Using a Sales Funnel

Monetize your blog successfully, using the sales funnel model.

If you’re considering monetizing your blog, use a proven strategy, such as the sales funnel. Monetize your blog and related content effectively by turning your content into a sales funnel. The sales funnel represents a key concept to keep in mind when monetizing your online content. The content sales funnel focuses entirely on your target […]

Write Persuasive Prose Like the Pros

This image shows how not to write a persuasive essay...

When you write to prove a point, you’re writing to persuade – to change the reader’s opinion. It’s not often easy to persuade someone to change his mind or take a stand. Doing so requires a thorough understanding of the subject at hand as well as thoughtful planning and strong evidentiary support. For instance, don’t […]

Secrets of Writing an Editorial

Readers do not easily forget effective editorials.

Editorials – not just for newspaper columnists and journalists. You may not realize it, but if you write articles for a blog or other website, you’ve probably written an editorial or two. If you’ve written about your own thoughts and opinions about anything – a new tech trend featured on Mashable, the latest Google algorithm […]

How to Write Feature Stories Like a Pro Journalist

A feature writer has much more freedom than a straight news reporter.

Feature stories – more fun than writing straight news! News stories and feature stories may appear in the same publication, but they serve far different purposes. The lead in a news story reveals everything important about the story right up front; whereas a feature story lead invites the reader into the story without revealing all […]

How to Banish Time Wasters and Get More Writing Done

Television represents one of the biggest time wasters ever.

Everyone would love to tack on extra hours to each day.  Who couldn’t use a little more time to get assignments done, run errands, or check items off that mile-long To-Do list? No magical formula exists to make your days longer, but strategies that can help you use your time better are abundant.  One of […]

Want to Make Your Copy POP?

What would Michael Jackson do?

Give Your Readers Thriller Copy! It’s after midnight… You’re staring at the blank page on your screen… Your deadline knock-knock! knocking at your door.   What do these words mean?  You’ve read them more than once (or twice) before.  No, it’s not your imagination.  Every tone-deaf sales page sings about the “passion”, “commitment”, and “dedication to […]

How to Interview Sources Like a Pro Journalist

First-hand experiences and expert voices add authority to your writing.

Become an interview expert to take your freelance writing career to the next level. As a health care journalist, I tend to think of myself as a current events broker, rather than just a news writer. Think about it – journalists research and investigate important events and decide which ones have enough human interest and […]

5 Things Dr. Dre Can Teach Freelancers About Personal Branding

Dr. Dre - keepin' it real and living the brand.

What is a personal brand? A personal brand represents an intangible business asset that influences how current and potential customers perceive your business and products or services – simply speaking, it’s public perception of you and your business. The image you project on social media profiles, personal and professional websites, and just about anything out […]